Thursday, May 30, 2013

Touch of Mist - Teaser

First official teaser of "Touch of Mist", the upcoming Romantic Fiction written by Deepika Muthusamy, has been unveiled. . .

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Touch of Mist - My obstacles and hurdles

I owe all the directors, whoever involved in the film making process. Because now I am to realize the pain, struggle and effort you put in for making 2 hour duration movie when I was almost dead for making just 2 minute teaser for my book.


Choosing the cast was a difficult task than writing 65,000 word novels. I imagined my female protagonist to be pretty stylish and posh, whereas the male protagonist to be modern with too much of attitude.

As the most famous proverb says,

If I get a guy with or equal to a person whom I imagined or narrated, I won’t get a best matching pari for him and vice-versa. Just to get the cast, it almost took 3 months of search.

Did it go smooth after 3 months of search?

No . . .

There popped up the critical issues "dates" and “Location”

Getting the appointment of cinematographer, cast and myself al together was much tougher.

Sometimes the easiest way or the preferable solution which I used to overcome this problem would be "TO QUIT,” Which I thought several times. Did I implement that quitting at-least properly?

No, I quit the thought of “Quitting” and again started putting more efforts to achieve the goal.

Finally with god’s grace after three months of struggle, everybody came to sync. Then the location issue came up.

We had just one day to shoot, and in one day considering Bangalore traffic, we can’t choose a place with complete opposite direction for both indoor and outdoor shoots.

But I must say after trying with Lumbini gardens, cubbon park and few of my colleague/Friend’s house for indoor shots. Nothing was satisfactory. Again, either the indoor or the outdoor will be of 2 opposite directions.

But all of a sudden I got an excellent place for shooting the indoor shots. I must have not got a better place that this one. Moreover, it was very near to Lalbagh garden. Getting approval to shoot the place was not at all a possible option. Luckily, they agreed for me. The good thing I did was I sent them immediately requesting approval to shoot inside the premises.

That helped me the next day, when the manager stepped back saying, no we can’t allow to shoot our premises. The mail helped me to convince the manager and there we go. We shot our indoor shots.

Wherever I go, I used to take with my laptop just my third hand. First time I left my laptop at home which contained all the information about shooting details.

That’s it, the scene which we supposed to take(cute, bubbly stills) was gone.

We just went on with the stills that was recorded in our mind.

I was not having any other option just to thank god "ok the video completed" other than having satisfactory performance.

Sometimes i sunk my head under the pillow and question my soul, why does it take so much effort just for a 3 minute video. Why the hell I should Suffer so much? When the people around me have a proper sleep, food at right time, spend time with my family and not me? ?

My friend said, “ok if you want a normal life like them, then no one is stopping you. Don’t think of anything like video or your book release. But if you want an extraordinary life then forget sleep, food and time with family just for few days until you reach your destiny.

Hobbies/Passion are the things which makes us happy. Writing made me happy. But when I tried to put expectation towards it, my passion started burning me. Then I learnt, Ok i am not going to expect any victory towards my passion. Let me just enjoy the journey

Lessons I Learned:

1. There's no such thing as failures-- just delayed success. :)

2. If you hit a ball and it was supposed to go 100mts, but it just reaches 15 mts. Dont complain, why does it happend for me. Instead, change your target limit and Set your target to 150mts and put your efforts, then definitely it will reach at-least 80mts.

3. Why it is so, for some people “Success is like eating an ice cream” and for some people its like eating a bitter guard

There are people who dont have a chance just to see those bitter guard too. Compare your life with them and feel satisfied. But dont stop learning lessons from the achievers.

4. when you work or put efforts towards your passion, dont expect success. Just enjoy the journey

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Namma City Namma Run - TCS World 10K run 2013

My 3rd Marathon/2nd World TCS 10K run experience. . .
A record 23,000 people are participating in the run. Among the 7 different categories, including World 10K, The Nation’s Challenge, Open 10K, 10K Challenge, Majja Run, Senior Citizens’ Run and Champions with Disability, I participated in Majja Run this time. Because, from my company I had only this option to opt for.

This is my third Marathon. First being TCS World 10K run 2012, second Pinkathon 2013 and TCS World 10K run 2013 (Majja Run)
I really enjoyed the run (Okay cool. . Jog, Walk, stroll). Because this time, I was able to run energetically from the beginning till finish of the run. I guess it’s due to the experience of previous 2 runs.

What a special care and attention we received from our corporate security team. It was an excellent arrangement by our teams. My company is well known for the employee welfare and when it comes to corporate run, they do take extra care. Since it was raining yesterday, they provided us ponchos for rain for a safety measure and our team were there at end to greet us with excellent snacks.. The periodical check they took on the welfare of the employees really gave us a nice feel.

Thanks to all my colleague who made this a run a fantastic one . . .

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Monday, May 6, 2013

Writing - The other Side

Other Side of being a writer

Brain FOG
Your brain dysfunction due to the thoughts of the story and the plot. Typically, your brain starts to ache due to thinking.
You will miss your loved ones
  • Once, my loved one was on bed with high fever and cold, I dint even react to offer help as my thoughts were frozen with the book ideas and story.
  • You will not respond to your friends calls and messages.
  • Wont spend time with family
lack progress in career advancement
Research do say, Humans have the ability to multi-task. But trust me, its little challenging to handle more than one task at the same time. If you concentrate on your writing, there is a down fall in your career.
If you focus on your career, your writing stuffs gets halted.
Irrespective of deceleration of disclaimer in different phases like, "Its an imaginary story," , "Fiction",  "All characters appearing in this work are fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental." people end up asking "was it your story?",  "Come-on, Its must be your story?" even more worse people conclude and argue its must be your story.
No Break
You tend to forget break. No eating, no drinking water, No eating proper foods... No Make-up too :(

Lack of sleep and body pains are additional complimentary.....
Still, When you publish and when your friends appreciate your work, All the pain turns to sweet nothings... 

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Trekking Experience - Shivagange

What does people do on a typical Sunday????
Lazy people love to snooze. . .
Normal people love to devote time with their family...
Workaholics- love to spend at office. . .
And Crazy folks…I mean extra ordinary people. . . love to spend on a long arduous journey...
Where do I Fit in the above puzzle!?
Extra ordinary people category!?
Yup, This Sunday was my first, Fun filled, memorable expedition with 14 people of BTC. After my Palamalai(a small hill in Coimbatore) which I went with my NSS gang before 5 years, this was my second trek.
Trekking at summer!?
Yup, as I said, we are crazy people who does different things and hence we opted to trek Shivaganga hills (56kms from Bangalore) which is above 1368m above sea level on a sunny summer Sunday.
We were communicated to be in Majestic at 6.30 PM. Since, the BTC members is otherwise called perfectionist,  we all gathered at 6.45 and boarded the bus to Dobbasapete. We got down at Dobbasapete and had breakfast. A big idly, with spicy chutney. After packing our lunch, we took an auto to reach the foot hillls of Shivaganga. After clicking the snaps in front of the foot hills, we started to trek exactly at 8:49am.

  • Olakallu Theertha -

At first, we reached Olakallu Theertha - Shiva temple a holy spring water inside the rock - It is believed that, on putting your hands into the rock, and if you are able to touch the water, your wish will be fulfilled. The entry fees was Rs. 10, since I was a special guest, I did not take the tickets ;).
By the time, I made up mind to visit temple and removed the shoes, the ticket counter guy escaped somewhere, and i dint take the tickets.

  • Nandi on the boulder:

Best Part

  • Lemon juice- Mixed with Pepper, salt, sugar
  • Butter Milk – Mixed with lemon, salt, coriander, chilly, Manago and carrot

Challenges :
The hill is quite steep either with big steps or small cravings. Though the railings are there to hold on, you find it quite challenging to climb.
After Harish repeated dialogue “don’t take break dude” whenever we take breaks, we reached the top of the hills by 11:30am and started descending by 1:10pm reached base by 3:30pm
And, thanks to Elections, morning while we are on the way to Shivaganga we saw people had been sitting on the top of the buses. We were not exicted to travel the same way.
But While coming, the buses were rush and we just checked out our luck, whether we can board on the top of the bus.
The guy agreed, and we sat on the top of the bus and traveled.  I must say, it was an mixed experience of horse ride, when it was going on humps and scary when crossing the electric wire.

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