Monday, April 17, 2017

Vivasayee Short Film by Deepika Muthusamy

Vivasayee Short Film by Deepika Muthusamy

Ramachandran, a farmer with an unwavering love for agriculture, faces the harsh realities of farming - unpredictable weather, mounting debt, and a life that seems to offer little hope. Despite the many obstacles, he refuses to give up on his dream and clings to his fighting spirit. As the challenges mount and his situation grows more dire, Ramachandran must choose whether to give in or keep pushing forward. Will his passion be enough to see him through the toughest times, or will he be forced to abandon his dreams and surrender to the forces working against him? Follow Ramachandran's inspiring journey in "Fields of Passion".

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This film aims to highlight the struggles of farmers and acknowledge their importance in our society. Imagining a world without them is a frightening thought, and this movie seeks to honor their vital role as the backbone of our nation's agriculture.