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Homestay Experience at Kudajadri Drizzle: Finding Hidden Gems Amongst the Average

Day 3 : A Trip to En Ooru: A Mixture of Adventure and Disappointment

On day 3, We woke up to a breathtaking view of mist from our beds in the morning. We bid farewell to our host, who had been incredibly helpful during our stay. 

As we set off on the next leg of our adventure, we reached En Ooru. After two days of trying tickets, we finally managed to book online tickets and hopped onto a jeep, excited for the adventure ahead.

Despite the rush of the weekend, we enjoyed the Jeep ride and the thrill of traversing through rough terrain. However, our excitement was short-lived as we reached En Ooru. The weather was hot and uncomfortable, and we were disappointed to find that there was little to see in the area.

There were few huts, and there was nothing of interest to explore. Perhaps if the climate was pleasant, we might have appreciated the beauty of the surroundings. 

Tribal Archery Museum: A Fun-Filled Adventure
In En ooru, there was a tribal archery museum that offered an interesting opportunity for Archery. My husband was excited to try his hand at it. The museum provided us with three chances to hit the target, and if successful, we would win a gift.
To our surprise, my husband managed to hit the bull's eye on his third attempt and won the game. Myself and Hethvick were thrilled and couldn't stop applauding him for his incredible shot.

The Key Mishap: A Halt in Our Journey

After a tiring morning, we decided to head towards our next stay Kudajadri Drizzle. However, just as we were about to do so, we received a call from the owner of the Bodhi Hut. It turned out that we had accidentally taken the room key with us. We rushed back to return the key and continued our journey. 

Although the food at the India Gate Restaurant was excellent, we were keen on exploring other dining options. However, we soon realized that finding decent hotels during our journey was a challenge. 
Despite this, we continued our journey with high spirits and stopped at Taste and Mist restaurant in Kalpetta, and while the food was delicious, it did come with a hefty price. However, what truly made the experience memorable was the breathtaking view of the forest from the restaurant. It was a truly enchanting sight, and I found myself lost in the beauty of nature while enjoying my meal. 

Boatless Bustle: Banasura Sagar Dam : A crowded Saturday

On the go, we decided to visit Banasura Sagar Dam and later check into homestay to unwind in the evening. The weather was hot and the place was crowded on a Saturday, which made it difficult to get tickets for the speed boats. In light of our Hethvick and the weather conditions, we opted for a van to reach the top and admired the stunning view of Asia's second-largest dam. Hethvick was traveling in van for the first time and he thoroughly enjoyed it.

Our Homestay Experience at Kudajadri Drizzle: Finding Hidden Gems Amongst the Average
We checked into Kudajadri Drizzle Homestay, a 95-year-old Jain Tharavadu (ancestral home of nair Joint families in Kerala). Though it was amidst the lush greenery, upon arriving I was initially disappointed with its average appearance, considering the cost of around 3500 INR per night (without food). The homestay would cost at a mere 1500 INR only.

Having previously stayed in a treehouse amidst nature for two days, it took some time to adjust to the room.

As we explored the homestay, we stumbled upon an inviting pond and a variety of big blooming flowers. It was a delight to take a walk in the natural beauty. Upon encountering large, red ants, we quickly fled the scene.

A Traditional Family: A Story of Love and Care
On seeing our car's registration from Tamil Nadu, One uncle, who looked around my dad's age, struck up a conversation with us. We quickly bonded with him and his family, as they were from our hometown of Erode.

They came as a group of 14 people, consisting of 6 families, and were making their own food. They graciously invited us for dinner, and since we couldn't find any good restaurants nearby, we shamelessly agreed.

I joined them and helped in cooking by chopping vegetables, making dough and washing utensils. It was an amazing experience to connect with them and be a part of their cooking process. The family were so traditional and could sense their love and care in making it healthy and tasty for the family rather than eating out.

Despite heavy rain, lack of power backup, and leaking water due to an old building, we couldn't help but reminisce about our childhood and grand mother's house.

The next day morning, We were fortunate enough to pack a couple of delicious idlis for Hethvick that was prepared by the kind family whom we met last night. It was a heartwarming experience, and it reminded me of the kindness of strangers becoming friends or family and the beauty of sharing a meal together. 

Warm Send-off: A Touching Connection:
The grandpa from the homestay gave me a warm send-off, feeling a connection with me, perhaps seeing his missing daughter-in-law in me.

We had plans to visit Kuruva Island and return to Bangalore so that we can take rest on Monday. However, my son and I never wanted the trip to end. Little did we know that was an even more beautiful experience was waiting for us.

Kuruva Island to The Journey That Never Was:

We started our journey on the sunny Sunday after a lovely send-off from the homestay thatha. Kuruva Island was our destination, a beautiful and serene island located in the middle of the Kabini River.

We were filled with hope that we would be able to get tickets to the island. We knew that only 575 tickets were available per day, and we were anxious that they might be sold out. Upon reaching the island, we were greeted with a massive crowd, reminiscent of a carnival festival. It was overwhelming to see so many people in one place.

My husband was looking for a place to park the car while I went rushed to get the tickets. However, to our disappointment, the ticket counter had already closed for the day(even after 9.30 am) and we had missed our chance. We were disheartened, as were eager to explore the island.

At this point, we were feeling a bit lost and disheartened. As per our plans, we decided to head back to Bangalore. As we wandered, we stumbled upon a quaint tea shop. The shopkeeper was friendly, and we struck up a conversation with him. He was a local, and we learned a lot about the near by places. While sipping the tea, the shopkeeper suggested to explore Coorg, which was just 20 km away. He described the route as mesmerizing, and we decided to give it a shot.

With no network on our phones, we set off on our journey.  As we drove towards Coorg, we kept asking locals for directions since there was no network for 20 kms and we could not rely on Google maps. The excitement of the unknown and the thrill of the journey had taken over us.

As we continued, we were awestruck by the scenic beauty of the route. The lush greenery, the winding roads, and the cool breeze made for a refreshing and rejuvenating experience. 

Traveling can often lead to unexpected adventures and experiences that one would never have imagined. One such experience happened to us is on this trip to Kuruva Island, which ended up turning into an unplanned trip to Coorg.

As we neared Coorg, we realized that finding accommodation would be a challenge. It was a long weekend, and most places were booked. However, we were determined to find a place to stay and continue our adventure. 

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5 Days, 3 Destinations, Countless Adventures: Vythiri Wayanad, Kalpetta Kudajadri and Madikeri Coorg

5 Days, 3 Destinations, Countless Adventures: Vythiri Wayanad, Kalpetta Kudajadri, and Madikeri Coorg

Fulfilling my Long-Time Travel Dreams in One Epic Journey

Have you ever had a long-time desire to explore the nature, hopping from one place to another, without any strict itinerary or plan in mind? This is exactly what I had been longing for, and finally, it happened like a magic. 

As a travel enthusiast, we had the opportunity to explore some of the most captivating destinations. Our journey began with Vythiri in Wayanad, followed by Kudajadri in Kalpetta and finished in Madikeri in Coorg. 

In this blog, I am going to share my experience that left a lasting impression on me. Each day brought a new adventures and experiences, and I was able to fully immerse myself in the present moment. My long time desire of travelling without a plan, hopping from one place to another, meeting new people and making friends were fulfilled in this travel. 

Booking Cancelled: Our Change of Plans

We had planned to take advantage of the May 1st holiday and take two days off from work (April 27 and 28) to enjoy our family time off. We had booked 3 days at Vythiri Holiday Resort for around 12K and were all set to go. However, just one day before our planned departure, we received an email that the hotel had cancelled our booking and had even gone ahead and refunded the advance payment without notifying us! Needless to say, me and my husband were all quite disappointed and frustrated at the sudden turn of events.

Despite our disappointment, I couldn't help but feel that perhaps the universe had other plans in store for us. However, since it was peak season and a school holiday, each resort was quite expensive and already fully booked. Despite the initial setbacks, I remained determined to find a place.

Thankfully, our efforts were not in vain as my husband stumbled upon an incredible private tree house in Wayanad Through the use of Google Maps. Surprisingly, this beautiful spot was not listed on any of the travel websites, and we were able to locate the tea house contact number and directly contacted the owner. To my delight, availability was there and our booking was confirmed. 

Soon our excitement to the much-anticipated getaway began… 

Prepping for our Adventure: 

Our little son had been eagerly waiting for this trip since two weeks, and he was excited from the very beginning. He kept telling his school teacher that he would be going on a trip. On the day of the excursion, he woke up earlier than all of us, at 4:00 am, and exclaimed looking at the window, "It's 10:30 am! The sun is up!" For him, waking up at 10:30 am was a big deal. He finished his breakfast quickly and without much fuss, and by 5:00 am, we were all ready to go.

Stop Over at Ruchi Mane for a Delicious Karnataka-style Breakfast

We were travelling through the stretch of Mysore express highway almost 3 hours and were struggling to find a decent place to eat. Finally, we stopped over at Ruchi Mane at 8.30 am, a restaurant made with bricks and hut shaped that served mouthwatering breakfast options.

The food here is prepared in the Karnataka style and if you're accustomed to the Tamil Nadu cuisine, particularly A2B chutneys, you may find these Karnataka-style food here underwhelming. However, if you're willing to explore, you will discover the region's unique chutney and sambar that offer a burst of flavors to your breakfast. 

And if you're a fan of tea, Ruchi Mane will not disappoint. Their tea is brewed to perfection, and it's a must-try for anyone who loves a good cup of tea.

Our Journey through Bandipur Forest:

We had an opportunity to take the route via Bandipur Forest, and it was an experience that left us in awe of nature's beauty. As we drove through the winding roads, I couldn't help but feel excited about what lay ahead.

I was driving and my husband kept his eyes peeled for any signs of animal. My husband instructed me to maintenance a speed of 10, so that he can keep an eye out for any animals while my son enjoyed the scenery with his face outside the window. Throughout our drive of about 20kms inside the forest, we heard the rustling of leaves, the chirping of birds, and the occasional kri-kri sound. It was as if the forest was welcoming us with open arms. 

Just as we were beginning to feel a little disheartened, we spotted two deer. The drive, the scenery, was the best way to kick off our trip.

Treehouse Retreat and Honey Tasting Adventure.

Upon arriving at India Gate Restaurant in Vythiri, we enjoyed a delightful lunch. Following our meal, we headed to Bodhi Hut, where we had made a last-minute booking at an excellent price. To our delight, the accommodations were even better than we had anticipated, with a stunning treehouse design that spanned both the top and bottom floors.

We were surrounded by lush greenery, and the sounds of birds and Lampyridae(lightning bugs) filled the air. The place was cozy and comfortable, and we were able to truly relax and unwind in its peaceful surroundings.

As we explored the beautiful natural surroundings, we realized that this unexpected change of plans had turned out to be a blessing in disguise. We were able to enjoy our stay without any stress or worries and were able to fully appreciate the beauty of this lesser-known gem of a destination.

We had relaxing game of throw ball in the swimming pool. My husband and I engaged in a healthy competition, with the winner earning the opportunity to book a marathon. Meanwhile, our son enjoyed playing with floaters, and we had the pool all to ourselves. Despite the chilly weather, the water was warm, adding to our enjoyment.

Unexpected Delight at Lakkidi View Point
Later that evening, we visited En Ooru but discovered that tickets were limited(only 2000 entries allowed per day), and the counter had closed. We decided to take a detour and ended up at Lakkidi View Point. The stunning views of the valley and mountains left us in awe.

Later, we visited the honey museum, where we tasted eight different varieties of honey. While the experience was enjoyable, we found that the hype surrounding the museum was not entirely warranted.

Indulged in Mouthwatering Delights: 

For dinner, we got parcel from India Gate restaurant, as we had enjoyed the food so much. Afterward, we spent the rest of the night admiring the stars and enjoying a peaceful conversation, tasting the signature dishes, the Sultan chicken and the fish pollichathu (Priced at Rs.550), which were served on banana leaves. If you're visiting India Gate Restaurant, these 3 dishes is a must-try on their menu.

But for us, the highlight of the night was not just the food, but the atmosphere as well. However, a sudden thought occurred to me:  In future, I wished to spend my time enjoying the serene ambiance, listening to music, and reading a book, surrounded by nature.

Day 2 : 900 Kandi Adventure: 

On the second day of our Wayand trip, we woke up to the aroma of freshly brewed coffee. I prepared coffee and enjoyed it while relaxing in a hammock, surrounded by trees and a swinging breeze. 

After getting ready, we began our journey and made a stop at a tea estate where we had some refreshing tender coconut, sold by a young boy who looked no older than ten years. Although the experience of sipping tender coconut amidst the tea estate was incredible, I couldn't help but admiring the boy who was helping his dad at this young age.

As we continued our journey, we reached 900 Kandi, which was a 5km Jeep ride away from car parking. The ride was a bit crazy, it was a bumpy off-road ride that was both thrilling and dangerous. We could feel our heart pounding with excitement end enjoyed the thrill ride of navigating through the rough and tumble terrain. I would advise pregnant women to avoid this Jeep ride, and also note that it costs 1200 per jeep, with six people allowed in one Jeep. There were no food options available on the top.

Next up, we got to experience an unique experience. The 900 Kandi Glass Bridge in Wayanad offered a thrilling experience as we walked on a transparent glass pathway above a valley. It's a must-visit attraction for those seeking an adrenaline rush and breathtaking views of nature. Later, My husband opted for free-walking and I was amazed by his body balance as he walked effortlessly. I, on the other hand, tried my hand at cycling zip-lining, horizontal walk and it was an experience like no other.

Finally, we went for a trek to a nearby cave, and to my surprise, my three-year-old son completed the trek with ease. He seemed to love trekking and adventure, following in his mom's footsteps.

Pookade Lake: A Rainy Boating Adventure

Upon reaching the lake around 4 p.m, we were greeted by a long queue for boating. However, luck was on our side as there were 2 seater pedal boats available without no queque. We quickly grabbed the opportunity and took tickets for pedal boating.

My husband and I took charge of pedaling the boat, while our son Hethvick navigated the boat. The weather was cool, and there was a hint of rain in the air. We set off on our boating adventure, admiring the lush greenery and mountains surrounding the lake.

As we were halfway through our boating experience, it started raining heavily. It was as if someone had turned on a tap, and the rain was pouring down like cats and dogs. We were thrilled to be boating in the rain. It was a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

After completing one round of boating in the rain, we got out of the boat. My son was ecstatic to dance in the rain. We let him dance and get wet, and he loved every minute of it. We were all drenched, and our clothes were completely wet, but it was worth it.

As the rain subsided, we walked towards the parking area, admiring the water flow caused by the rain. The whole area looked magical and serene, and we couldn't help but feel grateful for this experience.

If you ever get a chance to visit Pookade Lake, make sure to take a boat ride and embrace the beauty of nature.

"Tea Estate Walk and Nighttime Swimming: A Relaxing End to an Adventurous Day"

After an eventful day of adventure, we decided to take a relaxing walk in the tea estate in the evening. Hethvick, my three-year-old son suggested couple poses and clicked innovative photos of us. We had a wonderful photoshoot experience when Hethvick took our first photo, and I was impressed by the admirable output. We also witnessed men trimming tea leaves using a machine, and we connected with nature as we walked through the tea estate, crossing the bridge of river stream Kabini 

Later that night, we decided to jump into the swimming pool once again. The water was warm, and with the moon shining bright, along with the swimming pool lights, we had a great time splashing around and enjoying each other's company. 

Star Nights and Glass Heights: Our Dreamy Stay in a Triangle Treehouse

The glass-encased, triangle-shaped treehouse enabled us to stargaze the moon's glow, sky and stars as we slept on the bed. The owner gave us a brand new water cooler to fulfill our request for a fan. It was a great way to end the day and unwind after all the adventures we had. 

Next two days, we encountered a plethora of stories and experiences that we had never before come across. Will share in my next post.

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Growing Together: What My Child Taught Me About Life and Love

In #Parenting, we are always looking for ways to teach and guide our children. But sometimes, it's the other way around. Our children can teach us valuable lessons about life, love, and happiness. Here are a few things that I have learned from my son:

1. Forget and live in the present

Children have an incredible ability to forget quickly and move on. They don't hold grudges or dwell on the past. They live in the present moment and enjoy every minute of it. When I scold my son, he forgets about it in a matter of minutes and shows his love towards me. We can all learn to let go of the past and live in the present.

2. Stand up for what is right

Children have an innate sense of what is right and what is wrong. They don't hesitate to stand up for themselves or others. My son has taught me to speak up and stand up for what is right, even if it means going against someone I love. We should never compromise on our values or beliefs.

3. Innocent love with no expectations

Children love unconditionally, without any expectations. They don't keep score or expect anything in return. They give their love freely and abundantly. We should learn to love like children, without any ulterior motives or expectations.

4. Happiness found in simple things

Children find joy and happiness in the simplest of things, like playing in the sand or blowing bubbles. They don't need expensive toys or gadgets to be happy. We should learn to appreciate the small things in life and find happiness in them.

5. Endless energy

Children have boundless energy, and they make the most of every moment. They run, play, laugh, and explore with enthusiasm and excitement. We should learn to approach life with the same energy and enthusiasm, making every moment count.

Children have a lot to teach us about life, love, and happiness. We just need to be open to learning from them. So, the next time you spend time with your child, pay attention to what they are teaching you. You might be surprised at what you learn!

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Family Fun on Two Wheels: Our First Bike Ride as a family

Bike Ride on the KR Puram - Hoskote Highway: A Scenic and Adventurous Journey

Aayutha ezhuthu

Are you looking for a fun and active way to spend some quality time with your family in Bangalore? Then consider going for a biking ride. Today, I went for a bike ride with hubby and my 3-year-old kid in the evening, followed by a delicious dinner. Not only will it gave an excellent opportunity for bonding, but it allowed us to explore the city in a new way. 

Here are some tips to make the most of your biking adventure:

Scenic Route

Plan your route: Choose a route that is safe, scenic, and suitable for driving with kids. 

We started from our home and rode towards Hoskote, this highway stretches for approximately 30 kilometers, offering breathtaking lake views adding serene beauty to our ride 

Ensure Everyone Has Proper Gear: As we made plans to go for a bike ride, our top priority was ensuring that my son Hethvick had a helmet and we chose comfortable clothing for biking. We carried one water bottle and snacks in a small backpack. I would suggest that you carry a first aid kit in case of emergencies.

KR Puram - Hoskote Highway
KR Puram - Hoskote Highway

We maintained our speed and were cautiously following the rules. Since kids cannot communicate if they need to stop or take a break and biking can be tiring for young kids, we were cautious in keeping the route short. 

Baby Helmet 

Around 7 p.m., We covered a distance of 18 kilometers on our bikes and arrived at the restaurant. To our surpise, we found ourselves to be the only customers there. We relished the experience of having a private dinner in the restaurant.

Overall, the KR Puram - Hoskote Highway is a great choice for a scenic and adventurous bike ride from Bangalore. The journey is not too long, making it ideal for a day trip, morning and evening bike ride and the changing landscapes and picturesque surroundings will make the ride a memorable one. 

Also, Biking with family is an excellent way to bond and explore the city. With the right planning and preparation, you can ensure a safe and enjoyable experience for everyone involved. So, pack your bags, grab your helmets, and embark on a memorable biking adventure with your loved ones!

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Kukdukoo Fest: A Celebration of Children's Literature and Art

Kukdukoo Fest is an annual event that takes place in various cities across India. It is a celebration of children's literature and art, with a focus on encouraging creativity and imagination in young minds. The festival brings together authors, speakers and artists to engage with children and inspire them to explore their own creativity.

On April 15, 2023 we participated in the Kukdokoo festival held at Kunskapsskolan Bengaluru, which is among the leading international schools in the city of Bengaluru. We primarily took part in the two-day family festival for the benefit of our 3-year-old son, Hethvick. 

As we had anticipated, our son had a great time participating in all the activities at the festival. During the fest, my son received balloons and a few goodies, enjoyed a nature walk, won an interactive game, and had the chance to take part in a school-organized experiment. 

The Kukdukoo festival is a good platform to nurture a love for reading in children's literature by exposing them to various stalls as well as provide a fun and engaging experience for young. 

The fest features a range of activities for children, including storytelling sessions, book readings, art workshops, and interactive games. Children can meet their favorite authors and ask them questions, and get their books signed. I am hopeful that my son will develop a strong habit of reading, and in a few years, he may even have the opportunity to meet some of the authors whose works he enjoys.

One of the highlights of the festival is the Kukdukoo Book Awards, which recognizes the best children's books of the year. Kukdukoo Fest has become a popular event for families and we saw lot of children and parents participating. 

We had a good time by participating in Kukdukoo Fest and attending events like the Kukdokoo festival gives me hope that my son as well as other children will be encouraged to cultivate a passion for reading and creativity. If you have children who love books and art, be sure to attend Kukdukoo Fest the next time it comes to your city!

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Kaigal Falls: A Natural Wonder Just a Stone's Throw Away from Bangalore

Photo Credits: Karthik

If you're a nature lover living in Bangalore or just visiting the city, you don't have to go too far to witness the beauty of nature. Kaigal Falls is one of the best waterfalls near Bangalore, and it's an ideal weekend getaway for nature enthusiasts.

Located in the Chittoor district of Andhra Pradesh state, Kaigal Falls is located around 130 kilometers from Bangalore, and it takes about 3-4 hours to reach the waterfall by road.

With our Excursion to Kerala Beach Trip last week, we were feeling exhausted. However we were significantly drained from our precipitous IT life and and longed for a ideal end-of-week getaway to escape from the hustle and bustle of the city.  

Karnataka is a home to various cascades which offer amazing views and true serenity. However, one must drive a minimum of three hours to reach any of those waterfalls. A short trip with a breath-taking view among lush green valleys is what we wanted. 

Kaigal WaterFalls during April

It was already 10:00 AM, and we still hadn't decided on what to do for the day. Kaigal Falls had always been on our bucket list, and we decided to take advantage of the opportunity to plan a trip. Surprisingly, we quickly packed our lunches with chicken gravy and were all set to leave for Kaigal Falls with low expectations.

The place where we halted for lunch

We departed Bangalore around 11:30 AM, and the road trip was fantastic. On the way, we spotted a beautiful lake and thought it would be the perfect spot to have our lunch. However, when we unpacked our bamboo plates and tiffen box, we realized something. Our wish to enjoy a non-vegetarian meal was spoiled, as we had forgotten to pack the curry. Despite this small setback, we were determined to make the most of our adventure and enjoy the natural beauty of the waterfall. We hurried to a nearby shop and managed to buy Rasam and Curd.

Upon reaching the waterfall at 3:00 PM, we were fortunate that the parking attendant allowed us to park our car near the falls, saving us from a one-kilometer trek. However, the parking and entry fees were quite expensive, with a charge of Rs. 100 for parking (Rs. 50 for bikes) and Rs. 100 for entry. We felt the entry fee was a bit of a scam perpetrated by the locals.

Despite this, the waterfall itself was a magnificent sight to behold. Nestled amidst lush green forests, the water cascaded down from a height of 40 feet, making it a truly breathtaking experience. The falls are particularly popular during the monsoon season when the water flow is at its peak, and the surrounding vegetation is at its greenest.

Nature is my sunshine

Accompanied by our 3.7 month-old baby, we embarked on a trek down a steep and rocky terrain of about 1 km to reach the falls area. Although the trek was not very difficult, it could be slippery during the monsoon season, so it's important to wear non-slippery footwear for safety.

Upon reaching the falls area, we saw a beautiful shiva lingam in the center. It reminded us of a scene from the mega-blockbuster Baahubali movie where Prabhas carried a huge Shivling on his shoulders. It was a delightful experience to enjoy this moment with our son.

Our memories in one pic

While exploring the area, we observed some people washing their hair with shampoo in the falls, which was a disappointing sight. It's essential to remember that keeping nature clean is our responsibility, and we must do our part in preserving the environment.

During our visit to Kaigal Falls, we discovered that the waterfall is beautiful all year round, and not just during the monsoon season. In fact, locals confirmed that the water is always there, making it a great destination for a refreshing dip during the summer months as well. As per our experience, summer is a great time to visit because the water flow is less, which means you can enjoy the falls even more.

Sunset captured during our return

While the trek down to the falls is not very difficult, it's important to wear non-slippery footwear, especially during the monsoon season when it can get slippery. It's also advisable to be careful when walking around the falls as the rocks can be slippery as well.

If you're looking to get wet at Kaigal Falls, the best time to do so is in December, according to the locals. However, we found that the waterfall was just as enjoyable during the summer months. So, no matter what time of year you visit, Kaigal Falls is a great place to unwind and cool off from the heat.


1. Careful with the monkey, as they carry out your clothes in search of snacks

2. No rest room or change room.

3. No tea/snack shop near by. Plan accordingly. Carry enough water bottles

In conclusion, if you're looking for a quick escape from the city's hustle and bustle, Kaigal Falls is the perfect destination. It's an easy and enjoyable trek, and the sight of the waterfall amidst the lush green forest is a treat for the eyes. So, pack your bags and head out to Kaigal Falls for an unforgettable weekend getaway!

Saturday, April 1, 2023

Unwinding in Paradise: A Two-Day trip to Thalikulam Beach Resort, Kerala

Are you planning a budgeted family vacation and looking for the perfect spot to unwind and create unforgettable memories? Look no further, Coco Palm Thallikullam Beach View Resort, where you can relax and enjoy breathtaking views of the ocean.

Located in the heart of a quaint coastal town, Beach View Resort offers an array of amenities that are perfect for families. The resort offers a range of accommodations to suit the needs of every family. A cozy room for two or a spacious suite for the 4 entire family, the resort can accodomate. There were 2 individual wooden house, and all rooms come equipped with TVs, free Wi-Fi, books, and comfortable bedding, ensuring that you have a comfortable and enjoyable stay. Must say, I truly relished the shower experience, as it offered five different flows to match my mood.

Our stay was exceptionally delightful, and Jagan, the coordinator, was helpful in acquainting us with the surroundings. The homemade breakfast provided was amazing. The location was breathtakingly beautiful, and the beach was pristine. We spent our days relaxing on the beach and taking a refreshing dip in the sea.

A 3-min walk from Coco Palm  we saw Arsha Yoga Gurukulam Trust, a tranquil and peaceful environment, surrounded by nature, where they teach yoga. Whether you are a seasoned yogi or just starting on your yoga journey, the Arsha Yoga Gurukulam Trust is a must try. 

Day 2: Nalumanikattu Children's Park and Kayakking Club: A Hidden Gem in Kerala

We were looking for a fun and exciting way to spend our Sunday, and just about 15 kilometers away from Our resort, we came across Nalumanikattu Children's Park and Kayakking Club. The Nalumanikattu park is set amidst coconut groves, with a beautiful lake that stretches across the length of the park. They also have a Kayakking Club nearby that offers a kayaking for both beginners and experienced kayakers. As we had limited time and young children with us, we were unable to choose kayaking. Considering the preferences of all individuals in our family, we decided to opt for boating. 

There's a children's play area as well as a mini zoo with a variety of animals. Our kids had a leisurely stroll around the park and had a good fun. 

If you are family looking for a fun day out, or an individual seeking an adventure then boating or kayaking at the Nalumanikattu Children's Park is an experience you won't forget.

Exploring the Wonders of Marine World Public Aquarium: A Journey Underwater.

In the afternoon, that too on the scorching hot day, we visited the Marine World Public Aquarium, located near Panchavadi Beach. However, to our relief, the moment we stepped inside, we were welcomed by air conditioning.

If you have a fondness for marine life, this place is perfect for you. It is truly exceptional. The admission fee is Rs. 350 for senior citizens, Rs. 400 for adults, and Rs. 350 for children over the age of three.

I was thrilled to witness the vast variety of remarkable creatures at the aquarium. Along with the admission ticket, there was also a complimentary fish spa that provided a soothing effect on my feet and skin.

Visiting the entire aquarium may take approximately 1.5 to 3 hours, so it's advisable to plan your lunch accordingly. Although there were attractions like a kids' play area and 12D theaters outside, we could not indulge in them due to time constraints.

Finally, if you're looking for a fun and affordable way to spend a weekend in Kerala, then the plan  outlined here is a good one. Beach resort with the above activities is a hidden gem that's just waiting to be discovered. So pack your bags, grab your sunscreen, and get ready for an adventure you won't forget!