Friday, August 10, 2012

Soak No More

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    An ant can do anything and no matter what the situation is, it holds to its morale and rules. Most of us would have seen our legendary wall (RAHUL DRAVID) on TV and his disciplined attitude with which people recognize him. We need to take inspiration from the discipline that ants possess and our WALL Dravid using ants to symbolize this at most of the traffic signals. It’s no surprise that ants are the right representatives of discipline. It’s about maintaining traffic, discipline, grit and working relentlessly to achieve the goal constructively.

And on these grounds let me recap a story of ANT. Right from our childhood we have been listening to so many ant stories, anti-stories and in fact “aunty stories” too. Let me recap a short story of an ant by name SFT. It’s not the sft land( square feet) that we hear. Its name of an ant who was so inspired by ‘Charles Darwin’ theory of ‘Survival of the Fittest’ and kept his name as ‘SFT’.
SFT is a tough customer and handles the entire critical situation with ease. It also has a liking to our so called ‘Social Culture’. It entered into our cultured society and spent 6 months. SFT was disappointed with this 6 months onsite opportunity. The major two observations that SFT was disappointed were:

1) “Culture has expanded wings but is so wild in nature to understand and digest” and

2) “Culture has become like English people who ruled us before independence”.

The only difference was that before 1947 people ruled people and now culture is dictating the minds and thoughts of the people. As we knew we had Gandhiji and other great leaders to bring independence, but SFT felt bad that now we don’t have Gandhiji to guide the people’s mind with the right approach and strongly believes that every individual should be strong enough not to become a slave to our culture. It also advises that we ourselves should have control to guide upcoming generations in right manner. So SFT is back to the ant community leaving a message "Enjoying the culture is always apprehensive but let's SOAKNOMORE into it. else will take a wild turn". So let each of us be good ANT (Always Nurturing Thoughts)

Thursday, July 26, 2012


 “Are you sure its 13 lakhs?” Sanjeev asked with his mouth dropped open in shock.
"Yup", Karthick shook his head
"Was it 13 lakhs or 30 lakhs" Sanjeev asked completely nonplussed
“One’, Three’ – Thirteen’” Karthick stressed on each word
“Its unbelievable dude. Villa in Chennai for just 13 lakhs?”
Karthick replied “Yes” Sanjeev. “Because, people believe ghost resides in this house. And because of the ghost rumor no one is willing to buy this residence. The current owner of the house is indeed of money, that why he sold for cheaper price.”
“Ghost?! Does your wife Shalini knows about this?” Sanjeev questioned
“No way. Don’t let her know about it. She must have not agreed for buying it”. “Actually this house was constructed before 5 years. On the day of betheroal ceremony, both husband and wife died in an accident. Then the house was taken over by one of their relative. Who ever buys the house; they will be either killed in terrific accident or by some disease. So people believe the house owner’s ghost exists here” Karthick explained to Sanjeev who was admiring the new demon (house) which Karthick brought recently.
“Ok. Even I don’t believe in Ghost. All are Bloody rumors. Anyway all the best for your new beginning” Sanjeev congratulated him and left the house.
Karthick and Shalini had been married one month before. Their marriage was a perfect arrange marriage. Karthick was very bold, tall and easy going guy. Shalini was from village trying to adapt to city culture. Today is the first day they are going to stay in the house.
Shalini came running towards him and started shouting “Let’s vacate this house. Please let’s go away from here”
“Hey Shalu, what happened?” Karthick tried to chill her
“People in the neighbor house reacted odd when I told them we have brought the house. They say it’s a demon jungle. They advised us to vacate the house as soon as possible” Her eyes were in fear and she sounded worried.
He pulled her close towards him and asked “Ghost? Hah?.” He opened Google and typed “Existence of Ghost in Earth”. He showed her some research paper which proved that ghosts are fake. She was relaxed bit after reading those papers.
He continued, “My dear Shalu. There is no ghost in the world. We are so lucky because of those rumor we have brought this luxury residency at low price”
Suddenly the room was illuminated by a bright light. It was lightning. Shalini got scared and hugged his husband. The thunder started roaring heavily and the lightening flashed continuously. Power got cut. Shalini went to Kitchen to light a lamp and observed that power was gone only in their house. Abruptly she heard someone shrieking in store room. But before she could realize the situation some one thump her from behind. The lamp which she lit was off. Karthick came rushing from balcony on hearing the strange noise. But he couldn’t see her in the darkness.
Karthick rushed to bring the match box to light the lamp. Before he could light the lamp, the power was on. Shalini slowly regained her conscious.

She requested in slow voice, “Lets vacate. I saw a devil right here.” She pointed to the store room where she heard the shriek.
“Shalu, first understand one thing. There is no ghost. You must have seen some object in dark.” he replied and started caressing her hair. That day passed.
Next day Night…

Karthick was not yet back from office and Shalini was all alone in the DEMON. The window swung back and forth due to wind and created a messy terrified sound.




Shalini bolted entire window and started preparing dinner.



The windows again swung back and forth. The power was gone. Again it happened only in her house. She screamed and started running towards the road. She dashed someone hard and fell down. She lifted her head up and saw someone standing with a large, solid axe in hands. She could not see its face as it was completely covered with black cloth. She backed away from the unknown figure and started running towards her house locked the front door and started screaming



She heard some one knowing the door. She cried out loud for help.

“Hey Shalu, It’s me Karthick”. She Peeped through window to confirm whether it’s was really Karthick voice. He was standing cheerfully whistling his favorite song to himself. She opened the door for him. As soon as he stepped in She said, “I am not going to stay here any more. I am going to my mother’s place.” Without waiting for his reply she took the luggage from inside and started moving out. But as she reached the gate, heavy wind blow again and made her walk tough. The sound of the wind grew louder.

Karthick coupled her near gate to convince her.
A screech came from inside the house. The Screech came again, louder. An odd blast of air blew through the house with a strange stuffy smell, like the dust in a graveyard.
“I am Raj Shekar. This is my house. You bloody trespassers are not allowed in my house. If you continue staying in my house, I will put you to death” a threatening male blood-chilling voice roared. They heard thud-thud-thudding sound of foot steps and back door slam - close with a bang. An Axe appeared from NO where and the sharp edge of the axe blade struck exactly in between their foot.
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