Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Pearson Professional Center Bangalore review

Pearson Professional Center or Chopras

There are two PTE Academic test Centers in In Bangalore - Chopras and Pearson Professional Center. Before choosing the test center, I had a lot of things running in mind.
  1. Is the test center calm or noisy environment?
  2. Is the test center in reachable area?
  3. Will the staffs be polite?
  4. Are they trust worthy?
  5. Do they publish the results on time?  
  6. Are they punctual and did they start the exam on time?
When I wanted to pick the exam Center, there were no answers for these questions. Hence I decided to write whether Chopra's or Pearson's professional center is best for PTE exam.

Here is the detailed review about Pearson Professional Center

Is the test center calm?
Yes. It’s located on the third floor hence there is no much traffic or horn sounds. The center is absolutely less crowded.  Only people who are enrolled for the exams are let inside the center. The computer, head sets and microphones were in good condition.

Coming to the noise during the exam, it really depends on your luck. It depends on the people you get in the batch. The guy sitting next to me was shouting the answers to the core and even after repeated warning or request, he did not reduce his voice. When complained to the Pearson staffs, they said this exam test your concentration and you have to concentrate irrespective of your external disturbance. But I must say, I am lucky because the rest of the people were speaking in right level of volume.

Since reading is the first part of the exam, high noise will really disturb and annoy. Imagine 10 people reading aloud in a 10*10 room? Irritating right? This will be same across all the centers, so mentally prepare for the loud noise and external factors like this.

Apart from people shouting, yes absolutely no traffic noise while taking test.

About Pearson Professional Center

There is only one washroom in the center. So, while taking that optional 10 minute break you might end up in queue(in case if you wanna use washroom). But this is not a major issue, since the time taken to complete PART 1 and PART 2 differs from person to person and more than 3 persons won’t be taking the break at the same time.

The place is neat and pleasant.

Is the test center in reachable area?

It’s next to Manipal Centre, hence most of the auto and cab drivers know the route. From Manipal Centre it's just 50 m walk.

Are the staffs polite?

Only 2 people were in the Center and they were friendly and helping in the formalities.

Did they start the exam on time?

Yes, they started the exam on sharp. However, the time starts when we start the exam is only counted.

How about

Tough the results declaration does not depend on institute, I clearly want to stress that please don't go with the fancy lines which says Results within 24 hours and so. Those are all absolutely gimmick. They have a statement which says, PTE Academic scores are usually available within five business days. Sometimes scores are returned more quickly and, in a small number of cases, they may take longer to be returned.

Its not in small number of cases, most of the cases, the result will take longer than expected. They will take more than 20 days to publish your result. So, please be prepared for it.

When you contact customer service, you get absolutely useless answers for the same. So, if you are taking PTE, you may get result even after a month. This is the true fact. Contact any people who took PTE, you will hear thousands of painful stories they faced in getting the results.

Since Chopras is an education consultancy and offers visa process guidelines, provides English language training like TOEFL, IELTS and PTE, I heard people coming in and going for inquiry or for training. Hence it is always crowded.

Personally, I felt good in taking the exam at Pearson Professional Center.

If you would like to know more information about the Pearson Professional Test Center drop a comment, I will reply at the earliest.

If you are still confused in finalizing the test center, visit both the test Centers a couple of days before you enroll for the exam and decide so. This also helps you to calculate the travel time and not getting lost on the test day.

All the best guys


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  2. Thanks for Sharing the review, it will help a lot.

  3. When you get you PTE Academics Test result? How much you scored?

  4. I am extremely impressed along with your writing abilities, Thanks for this great share.

  5. Hey keep posting such good and meaningful articles.

  6. I also was under the impresssion that pearson is better than chopras until apr 29, the date of my test. That day there was a power failure at the centre and they had asked us to reschedule confirming with the customer care centre. I am still following up with them for rescheduling as there are no date avaialble for may. And the centre doesnot seem to own the problem and they say the booking would be only based on seat availability. So please a second though on pearson centre.

  7. I too was under the same impression until Apr 29. I was there that day for my exam and to my misfortune there was a power shutdown at the centre and i was asked to reschedule the test by calling up the customer centre. they dont seem to own their mistake and are not ready to release an additional slot for this month as all slots for this month is booked. Please have a second thought before opting for pearson centre

  8. thank you for the post , when i tried to book my slot from the official website , i don't see the chopras center in the list , i can only see the Pearson center in the website to book the slot in Bangalore and its unavailable for the month of may,. Kindly let me know how to book my slot in chopras centre

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  10. Good to know about another feather in your crown. Good luck with ur PTE scores :). Chopra's are calm on weekends morning shift.

  11. Thanks for Sharing the review, it will help a lot.

  12. Can I get the review for prestige atrium professional center

  13. There seems to be a new Pearson test center in Bangalore - I guess in Shivajinagar.. Does anyone have some information on this test center?

  14. Ive heard of a new test center in Bangalore - Shivajinagar. Does anyone have more information on this test center?

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