Friday, July 9, 2010

Joined UHG . .

Joined UnitedHealth Group today.

Fear in my heart and dreams in my eyes I got up at 6.00AM. My parents was also ready by the time.I touched their feet and received their blessings. Ramya akka Said "All the best".

My Sanju kutty Kissed on my cheek and said bye bye.

The company cab came sharp at 8:00 to the hotel.

To my surprise, I met a Tamil person in Quality Inn working for UHG. He helped me in getting Temporty ID card and properly guided the direction to the HR.

Hmmm, Another suprise, I met an IBMer(I dont want to add EX-IBMer) from bangalore who is staying in Quality Inn. Both our Client, Last working day, Building was same. !!!
Everything was comfortable. Since, it was Friday they said my induction Will start from Monday.
We both roamed all over UHG, and meet another Ex-IBMer.

I remember the next day I joined IBM was a national holiday(Independence day). Similarly, Its a holiday tomorrow :) :)  as it is Saturday :)

Planning how to spend the weekend in Hyderbad with my family members :)