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Couch to Coastline: Gokarna Beach Trekking

Breaking news: After six months of break from Facebook, escaping from the clutches of Facebook notifications, I logged in. An exhilarating post from Mad Adventures, Bangalore about a weekend trip to Gokarna: Beach Trekking & Beach Camping caught my attention. The words "beach trekking," "camping," "Yana Caves" and "eight beaches" ignited an excitement. Trekking with my hubby was on my bucket list, and this seemed to be the perfect opportunity. However, with our fitness levels resembling like potatoes more than athletes, we pondered if we were better suited for this trekking. We toyed with the whimsical idea of opting for a private retreat in Sakleshpur/Chikmagalur instead of joining a trekking group. After careful consideration, on Friday morning, We decided to embrace the trekking. We were lil-prepared for the adventure ahead. My husband and I didn't even have proper backpacks, and he was stuck with a pair of flip-flops and running shoes instead of trekking shoes. We borrowed power bank and packed our clothes in laptop bag instead of backpack. With haphazard preparations, we set off on our journey.
Sand, sun, and endless adventures. #BeachTrekking
Trekking to Gokarna: From Metro Rides to KFC Feasts:
We boarded the bus to Majestic but on driver's suggestion we hopped on to metro from Baiyappanahalli, hoping to escape the crazy traffic. Our first-time experience in the metro was filled with awkward glances. After our victory of being the early birds at the trekking pick up spot, we proudly strutted and decided to indulge in a finger-lickin' feast of Tandoori crispy chicken at KFC.

Introduction to Our Adventure Squad:

Get prepared for a rollercoaster ride as I take you through the cast of characters that joined us on our trekking adventure!

First up, the dynamic duo of Ashutosh and Kalpana, injecting our team with a surge of youthful energy. Adding to the mix was Kalpana's sister, Keerthi, who remained mostly quiet, adding a sense of tranquility to our dynamics group.

Hold on tight because here comes Prasanna Sir and his gaming prodigy son, Nandan! Nandan, recently achieved an impressive 92 percent in his 10th grade CBSE exams. His passion for gaming added a unique twist to our trekking conversations about virtual world.

Next comes, Sana and Vijeth, twinning in matching t-shirts, they showcased their bond in a unique way. Unfortunately, their journey was cut short due to Sana's leg discomfort. They booked a bus and bid us farewell on Saturday evening. 

Well that's not all, Ankitha VJ, the trek leader and biking enthusiast. With her knack for capturing picture-perfect couple moments, she transformed us into Instagram stars. 

Last but certainly not least, we were in awe of Prashanth and Akshatha family. Their fearless 9-year-old daughter Avni who had already conquered Kodachadri. This lit adventurer reminded us that age is just a number and inspired us to bring our son along on future treks.

As we continued onboarding our crew, we discovered a surprising connection - Kalpana revealed that she was a product owner, instantly illuminating my husband's face with excitement as he too was a product manager.

Together, our team was a blend of unique personalities, stories, and passions. In the midst of this spirited group, my husband Karthik and I, were set for an for thrilling escapades with this remarkable crew!

Rain, Heat, and Unpredictable Adventure!
The morning rain brought relief and set the stage for a pleasant climate. However, once we refreshed ourselves, the weather took an unexpected turn, and the scorching sun became our constant companion throughout. Regardless of the weather, all the women got their colorful hair braiding. Led by the guide, Gowtham, we navigated through risky, deep slopes, fueling our adrenaline and creating thrilling memories.
Our beachfront tent a pure bliss.
Our beachfront tent - a pure bliss

Our hiking was filled with laughter, thrill and games. One of the games involved building on a word, where each person had to add a related word to the previous one. We erupted in laughter when Kalpana's response to "men" was "smelly" and "animal." It was a lighthearted moment that perfectly encapsulated the humor.

at Om Beach
Continuing our beach-hopping, we explored an impressive array of coastal wonders. From the lively shores of Belekan Beach, we immersed ourselves in the beauty of Paradise Beach and marveled at the enchanting atmosphere of Full Moon and Half Moon Beaches. Each beach offered its own unique charm, making our coastal exploration an unforgettable experience.

Embarking on our first-two-day trekking expedition, venturing beyond our comfort zone, Karthik and I discovered a heartwarming sense of unity. Together, we efficiently managed our things and coordinated our shoe choices, reflecting the deep connection and understanding we had cultivated as a couple made it unforgettable.

Unexpected Encounters: Cattle and Serendipity
As we arrived at Om Beach, anticipation for a delicious lunch filled the air. Surrounded by awe-inspiring beauty, we were unexpectedly greeted by a friendly herd of cattle. At first, it seemed like they were joining us in our elation. However, much to our surprise, they snatched our food! We couldn't help but laugh at the amusing turn of events. Recognizing their hunger, we decided to let them enjoy the meal we had brought. Even cows deserve a tasty treat amidst their beachside adventures.

Jet Ski Thrills at Om Beach: Taking the Wheel and Riding the Ocean Waves!
At Om Beach, our adventurous spirit soared to new heights as we decided to try jet skiing. Excitement coursed through our veins as we hopped on the sleek white watercraft, ready to conquer the waves.

Salty Waves, sunny days and Jet Ski Plays

To our surprise, the person operating the Jet Ski offered me the chance to take control halfway through our ocean excursion. It was an exhilarating moment as I gripped the handlebars, feeling the power beneath me and the salty breeze against my face. With every twist and turn, I rode the waves with a newfound sense of adrenaline and were fully immersed in the sheer joy of riding the waves.

Discovering serenity and adventure on the sandy shores

Late eve, Ankitha introduced us to the concept of Instagram reels and we had good reals.

Unleashing Hidden Talents and TT Laughter: 
On our way back to the homestay,  team were on full as Kalpana, Prasanna sir, our VJ and Keerthi sang, while Avni delighted us with a school song. A delightful surprise awaited us as Karthik's for singing suddenly emerged. With the infectious energy of the group, he belted out the popular song "Munbe Vaa" and was joined by Akshatha, who added her own melodious touch.

After capturing their incredible singing videos, I found myself in need of charging my mobile. Imagine my excitement when I stumbled upon a charging port inside the tempo traveler! Alas, it turned out to be a reverse charging port. 😆

"Lost in the melody of crashing waves 🌊🎶"

Nighttime Adventures, Starry Skies, and Moonlit Dancing:
Our evenings were spent weaving together the beautiful love stories of fellow travelers. As the night fell, an electrifying energy enveloped the environment. The couples in our group couldn't resist the rhythmic waves and starlit sky, and began to sway to the beat of their own hearts. In a moment that felt straight out of a dream, Karthik and I swayed to the enchanting melody of "Vaseegara." The moonlit beach became our own private dance floor, and we danced to the romance of the moment. 

And then, something extraordinary happened. Prashanth sir and Prasanna sir unleashed a hidden talent that left us in awe. With his effortless dance moves, they set the stage on fire and mesmerized us all. Not to forget, our adorable little one Avni danced energetically even at mid-night. 

As the night deepened, we embarked on a moonlit walk, venturing another few kilometers along the beach. The moon, casting its gentle glow upon the water, guided our steps, and we reveled in the magical experience of its mesmerizing reflection.

"Glowing moon, serenading waves, a night to remember. 🌙✨"

"Karthik under the moonlit beach"

Explorations : Day 2 of Our Incredible Journey:
Our second day was filled with breathtaking sights, heartwarming moments through forts, caves, and self-discovery.

Morning Exploration: Fort Delights and Couple Poses
As the sun began to cast its golden rays, we bid farewell to our cozy tent and ventured out into a brand-new day of exploration. Our first stop was at Mirjan fort. We couldn't resist capturing the magic of the moment with a couple pose, immortalizing our love and the beauty of the surroundings in a single snapshot.
"Exploring the enchanting beauty of Mirjan Fort ! 🏰✨"

"Embracing my true self and ready to conquer."

Trekking to Yana Caves: Unveiling Wonders
After an energizing start, we set our sights on Yana Caves, a natural wonder that beckoned us with its mystical allure. We trekked, trekked and trekked. The path to Yana Caves was accompanied by the soothing melody of water stream sounds.
"Yana Cave : Nature's masterpiece!"

Exploring the hidden wonders of Yana caves!
Our Group at Yana Cave

Enchanting Tales: Yana Caves and Curious Listeners
Once we arrived at Yana Caves, Ankitha regaled us with captivating stories about the caves history. As we absorbed every word, we noticed a police officer listening intently, his curiosity piqued by the tales that unfolded before him. It was a moment of connection, where the love for exploration and storytelling transcended barriers and brought strangers together.

And, of course, our tradition of collecting mementos led us to acquire a Yana Caves fridge magnet.

Gratitude and Reflection: The Power of Companionship
A mesmerizing nighttime view of Restro Restaurant

Vibrant and inviting ambiance

With our timely arrival, we seized the opportunity to head Elements Restrobar for a scrumptious dinner and extend our timing. Our plan to watch the epic clash between CSK and GT in the IPL on the big screen was abruptly drenched in disappointment as rain crashed the party. But we enjoyed a delightful dinner in a light and open ambience, savoring the flavors and relishing the pleasant atmosphere. 

We were truly blessed to have such amazing group of trekking in our journey and creating memories that would last a lifetime.

In conclusion, venturing into the great outdoors alongside my better half was an experience beyond compare. We checked off another item from our bucket list as we trekked hand in hand, forging unforgettable memories that will forever hold a special place in our hearts. Embracing nature's wonders and each other's company, we discovered the true essence of adventure and companionship. This journey was truly the best experience we could have asked for, and it reaffirmed the beauty of exploring the world together as a team. 

If you're looking for place to stay opposite to beach, these three places offer a one-of-a-kind experience 

Ozone Beach Cafe and Stay - Gokarna, Karnataka, India
Location: Opposite to Ganga beach, Dubbansasi Beach road, Main Beach, Dubbansasi, Gokarna, Karnataka 581319

PK Beach Stay - Prestine Beach:
Location: Dubbanashashi Rd, Bhavikodla, Gokarna, Karnataka 581319

This is the homestay where we stayed, equipped with tents and six bathrooms and toilets. It is ideal for a group but for  families look for other option. 
here is their Instagram Page. 

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