Monday, May 9, 2016

Horlicks #Immunity4Growth IndiBlogger Meet

Jill Castle
Last week I received an email from Indi Blogger team about the Horlicks #Immunity4Growth IndiBlogger Meet. It was on Sunday evening at Vivanta By Taj, M.G Road. Even though it was on a Sunday evening, I was kind enough to cancel all my plans, I had on that day and decided to make it for the event. Because, I am Indian By Birth, Blogger by Choice and love IndiBlogger’s meet.

This was the first Indiblogger meet that I was on time. Yes, I reached the venue sharp by 4:00 PM. Within few minutes, the registrations was started and we were inside the hall. This time, I was lucky enough to mingle with few new faces and was excited to meet the people whom I follow regularly on blog.
All the mothers should have felt proud on attending this #Immunity4Growth IndiBlogger Meet organized by Indiblogger. Because all the speakers, started their presentation by honouring the mother

Anoop introduced, Dr. Jill castle, a childhood nutrition expert and she walk through on the necessity of nutrition’s and its role on children. She did a fair amount of research and explained in detail with the statistics of children’s suffering from malnutrition. She was kind enough to open up and say that she was embarrassed to see the foreign foods like Pizza (which is more of sugar and fat and less calorie) occupying in India and causing the obesity in child.

After her presentation we had Q&A session on malnutrition. Finally, the group was divided into team of 14 and we had a quiz. I loved the freebie quiz that was Horlicks makes kids taller, stronger and ___________ :)

The wining team has a chance to click a group picture with Jill Castle. Every mother loves to keep their child health and this bloggers meet must have really spread awareness about malnutrition

Few of my take away from Indiblogger Meet:

  • Don’t boil the milk twice. If you do so, all the nutrition’s will be lost.
  • Egg and Milk are the 2 things which have all the nutritious items in it. Make sure to include those both in your daily diet
  • Have lot of fruits and vegetables. Even though lot of artificial agents like fertilizer and pesticides are mixed, it’s worth consuming them for nutrition.  

Finally, after the delicious yummy dinner I hit my home :) 

Thank you Indiblogger and Horlicks for such a wonderful and another memorable event. 

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