Saturday, July 1, 2023

Discipline Dilemma : The Parenting Circus

When I reminisce about my childhood, it's hard to forget the strict discipline and physical punishments. As 90s kids, how could we ever forget the memories of our parents employing severe beatings, utilizing a variety of tools like belts, Myir Kothi (a traditional tool to remove entangled hair after hair wash), mashers,  dosa palta, and even a comb that transformed into a weapon of discipline?
Stuides and experts are now against using such approaches and advice shouting or beating children rarely yields positive results and can lead to adverse effects in terms of their behavior or long-term discipline. 

Experts emphasize the importance of open communication and active listening in parenting. However, let's be honest, in today's fast-paced world, do we even have the patience to engage in lengthy conversations with our kids? In my case, after a whopping 60 minutes of trying to communicate calmly, I admit that it's often my final shout that manages to grab my son's attention.

According to studies, shouting at a child for neglecting their homework can lead to a negative attitude towards studying. However, in my amusing observations, whenever I encourage my child with positive words, he magically takes 4 hours and 5 breaks to complete just 1 page of homework.

But when I keep a stick next to him and say the stick will speak if he doesn't finish, he miraculously completes his work in the blink of an eye. Yet, deep down, I can't help but wonder if I'm unintentionally creating an aversion to his studies through this tactic.

Ah, the struggle of parenting! It's like a battle between wanting to discipline my children gently and feeling the frustration  when those attempts don't deliver instant outcomes.

In these exasperating situations, it's hard  to juggle from angry Bhadrakali to calm Zen master.

But let me tell you, from my own experiences, being a cool and composed Dhoni-like parent all the time is quite a challenge. Isn't it? There are moments when shouting becomes inevitable and we're human, after all, and parenting can push us to our limits. 

My friends, is shouting at times okay? Do you find yourself raising your voice at times when dealing with your children?
I'd love to hear your thoughts. Share your inputs in comments. 

Coming back to the topic, As parents, it is our responsibility to raise well-disciplined and emotionally healthy children. While the traditional methods of shouting or beating may seem tempting as quick fixes, they are not productive in their long-term development. It may be challenging at times, but with dedication and perseverance, we can raise responsible and respectful individuals without indulging in harmful disciplinary measures.

One final touch, Children are like tiny explorers in this so called life. They thrive when they have clear boundaries and expectations set by their parents. It's like giving them a treasure map to navigate through their daily adventures. As parents, we should establish crystal-clear rules in a friendly tone.

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