Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Kumki Review - Ayayayo Aananthamae Song Mindblowing

Kudos to Imman for composing ghee coated tasteful melody "Ayayayo Aananthamae...."

The moment the song played like Gajini Surya I developed anterograde amnesia and entered a new world where Crore of butterflies fluttering around.
We naturally close the eyes and fly high in the air like a bird. You feel like "Noorukodi Vaanavil Maarimaari Seruthae" as soon as the beat of the song and orchestra of strings plays.

What a voice Hariharan!!!

The tremendous impact of your debut song "Unakena Iruppen from Movie Kadhal" stayed with us for quite some time. With this song, you pierced a permanent tattoo.

The song beat, lyrics, music altogether killed me and took me to heaven.

Lyrics of Ayayayo Aananthamae

Ayayayo Aananthamae Nenjukulae Aarambamae

Noorukodi Vaanavil Maarimaari Seruthae

Kaathal Podum Thooralil Thaegam Moozhgi Poguthae

Aeedho Oru Aasai Vava Katha Paesa

Ayayayo Ayyyayayoo Ayyyayayoo

Unnai Muthalmurai Kanda Nodiyinil

Thanikulla Vizhunthaen

Andru Vizhunthavan Innum Ezhumbala

Mella Mella Karainthaen

Karaisera Neeyum Kaiyil Aenthava

Uyir Kaathalodu Naanum Neenthavaa

Kangalil Kandathu Paathi, Varum

Karpanai Thandathu Meethi

Thoduthae Suduthae Manathae

Ayayayo Aananthamae Nenjukulae Aarambamae

Kangal Irupathu Unnai Rasithida

Endru Solla Piranthaen

Kaigal Irupathu Thotu Anaithida

Alli Kolla Thuninthaen

Etharkaga Kaalgal Kaelvi Kaetkiraen

Thunai Saernthupoga Thaethi Paarkiraen

Netriyil Kungum Šøøda

Ilanenjinil Inbamum Køøda

Methuva Varava Tharava

Ayayayø Aananthamae Nenjukulae Aarambamae

Nøørukødi Vaanavil Maarimaari Šeruthae

Kaathal Pødum Thøøralil Thaegam Møøzhgi Pøguthae

Aeedhø Oru Aasai Vava Katha Paesa Ayayayø

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Wish list Wednesday No. 5

"You know Apeksha died in an accident today", said Karthick

“Apeksha?” His apartment friend Adi questioned


“You mean the girl, who fought with the Auto rickshaw day before Yesterday?” Adi confirmed

“Yes, the same girl”

“How? When?”

(The conversation goes on....)

Apeksha's soul heard the conversation from heaven. She cried a lot for people remembering her identity with a tag “the girl, who fought with the Auto rickshaw". She does not like the negative image tattooed on her personality.

Apeksha wanted Adi or society to address her something like "who keeps smiling all the time. Apeksha who manages the entire situation with a friendly and polite way?”.

She yelled at god to give her one more chance, So that she can convert that negative image to a positive one. But that another chance is like a “Rajinikanth giving a flop movie” which never happens at all.

Not only Apeksha, everybody loves to identity us with a fragrance of positive words. Apeksha don’t have that chance. But we have. Apeksha ‘s story paved a eye-opner for me.

What I expect people, my friends, my family to talk about my Eulogy?

If I had one more chance,

  1. I will reply calmly to my mother rather than shouting, when she says dont go out at odd hours.
  2. Explain the necesserity of buying costly phone to my dad rather than saying "You dont know anything".
  3. Will remember my friends birthday and surprise them with pleasent surprise
PS This post is in response to preeti shenoy Wish list Wednesday No. 5