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Jasmine Build On Shifting Sand by Sanjay Desai

Jasmine Build On Shifting Sand by Sanjay Desai.

Jasmine Build On Shifting Sand is a story about chasing the dream of modelling. These days many people dream about modelling industry or the creative fields. But due to their limitations in the mind they give up easily. Those who have any burning purpose and passion, please grab this book and read on. 
Yes, JASMINE BUILD ON SHIFTING SAND is a self-half fiction novel and it shares about the experience of Jasmine who fights through the obstacles to shine in the world of fashion industry.

The Acknowledgement section starts with the Author’s journey in practice of meditation and how his guru’s like Ramanna Maharshi, Osha and J Krishnamurty has influenced in writing the book.

The Prologue was extremely difficult it makes us lose interest in the book. The author has shared his adventure experience through the Himalayas. Though I am a hard-core trekker and Keder trek was in my bucket list, for some reason I could not get cooked with the narrative style. 

But the second half of the book is really a must read during this period. I.e. after the unpredictable corona and the lockdown life. I know many of us have been depressed being at home, handling all the things facing lots of ups and downs, But this second half,  motivate us and gives us a guidance on practical things and teachings. The teaching in the second half will help us to get an enriching journey in our life and I am sure I am going to carry out them.

Personally, I felt first half was little boring, but as you push yourself to read more, you will get an enchanting experience.

This is the first book that I am reading that has an experience of micro-learning multimedia tool kit. i.e one can enjoy the E-microlearning experience.

Writing style of the author:

Sanjay Desai's writing style has the ability to inspire readers and his book "Jasmine Journey" is a prime example of this. The use of precise vocabulary makes for an easy and enjoyable read, with the underlying message being clear and impactful.

Self-help books have always been an effective tool for personal growth, and this book is no exception. It has the power to shift our mindset and encourage us to pursue our dreams with a renewed sense of purpose.

Final Take away:

Thanks to Sanjay for sharing his ideas on spiritual aspects on life and his career. Everyone wish to pursue our dreams, be it small or big. if you are one among them, please do read this book and explore the authors teachings. You will get a hope of positivity.

About the Book:

  • Publisher: Conscious Leap Insights Private Limited 
  • Number of Pages : 160 pages
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Wednesday, June 10, 2020

Lessons Learned in Lockdown: Rediscovering Life and Embracing Responsibilities

It has been more than 90 days, and this quarantine or lockdown phase has taught us an extremely valuable lesson. It was like pressing the "resume/pause" button on a washing machine that forced us to put our lives on hold for about 3 months.

Undoubtedly, this pause and resume phase has given us the time to reconnect with old school friends, explore new hobbies, discover our passions, and even uncover hidden talents like painting, drawing, and surprising our family members with our cooking skills, and so on. Everyone must have learned at least one new thing.

If there is one thing I have learned during this period, it would be to be thankful for my life. There is only one life, and we need to cherish it. We are surrounded by loving and blessed relationships.

That's the positive side. On the other hand, as a new mom, my life has become busy and tiring. During the first few months, I realized that I didn't have much time for myself.

In the olden days, women stayed at home while husbands went out to work, so women took care of all the household chores. It was an expected duty for women to clean and cook.

Nowadays, both men and women go out to work, and people prefer to hire maids to ease the burden.

We used to have two maids for cooking and cleaning, but due to the lockdown, we had to let them go, and household chores became a problem for me.

My daily routine started with sweeping and cleaning the house, followed by cooking. We recently had a new baby, and washing the baby's clothes became a challenge. The baby's clothes had to be washed separately and soaked in warm water before and after the wash because the baby's skin is so sensitive, requiring extra care. Additionally, the dark-colored and light-colored baby clothes had to be washed separately. One of the biggest challenges of washing baby clothes by hand is that the fabric is delicate, and the clothes can tear easily. So, they had to be washed with the utmost care. Altogether, it took two hours of my time each day. My life became hectic.

While Folding my baby cloth
But upon witnessing my struggle, my husband stepped in to assist with the laundry duties and embraced the #ShareTheLoad movement. He firmly believes that both spouses should share the responsibility of household chores, advocating for #ShareTheLaundry and #ShareChoresMultiplyLove. He has always been my closest confidant, and without his unwavering support and encouragement, I doubt I would have made it this far.

The moment my husband started helping with the household chores was a tremendous relief. I am determined to instill in my children the importance of contributing to household tasks and regularly lending a hand with chores.

‘I will #ShareTheLoad and help in household chores in association with Ariel India and BlogAdda

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