Friday, December 11, 2009

View on Software Industry

Most people discourage persons who work in Software industry. They say its a stressful job, you need to support 24*7, work should be primary and personal life should be secondary and so many talks.

They feel Teaching job is better. its because of 9-6 job.

The only statement which comes out of their mouth would be "IT is Crap". "Software Industry Sucks"

Here are the reasons why a person should choose IT as their career:
  • If you are interested in learning new things, then of course "Software Industry" is the right place"
  • If you just love working with computers then probably you'll be happy in the software industry because you'll be getting paid for doing what you love.
Health Care:
  • People say, If you are in the industry for more than 3 years, chances are high that you will fall sick. Back -Pain, head-ache, are the ultimate bonus .Actually, its not.Everywhere you have the problems, for a Teacher, Shouting at students too makes BP to Peak.For a doctor, handling patients also keeps him frustrated. Its in our hands how we take our profession and deal with
  • Moreover, you are getting a chance to work with most intelligent people. your mind is always kept fresh.
  • If you want your life-Style to be some what better its the right place.
  • Every Coin has both head and tail. Same fits here. you have some disadvantages in Software professional. Its does not mean its completely a blood-sucking job.
All the best for Software professionals!!!


  1. hmmmmm.... It completely depends on the Company, Project, environment, most of all your approach the context you take and how you observer and perceive things..

    1. The problem here is... this are the comments we receive from non-IT people