Monday, May 10, 2010

Precautions To be taken before watching Vijays Movie

Some Things are not in Our hand. Though you decide NOT TO WATCH vijay's movie circumstances may make you to watch his movie. If your time is bad, definitely some how you may be forced to watch his movie.
In that case follow the following precautions to save your life

  • Note down the "Emergency Exit" as soon as you  enter the cinema hall, So that you can run easily.
  • Always carry head ache balm (Tiger balm is preferable),head ache tablets, fever tablets
  • Avoid bringing kids as they may get scared by watching his movie.
  • Always prefer Morning shows rather than night shows (Padam parthu paithiyam pudu chirichu na) 
  • After watching vijay's movie, visit church and ask "Pava Manipu" and visit Rameswaram for your mistake.
  • Never watch his move in buses. You may think it is a Theater may jump from the bus.

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  1. Inoru idea kannuku karupu thundum, kaaduku konjam panjum vaichukalaam.. antha kodumaia paakama, keakaama ekuka. [:)]