Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Software Engineer ??? Huh !!

"A person without any aim in life is like a rudderless ship"

My aim is (WAS) to become
  • an air hostess When I was a kid.
  • Sports player when I came district 2nd in 100mts dash.
  • A scientist when I came across the inventions of Albert Einstein, Sir Isaac Newton, Louis Pasteur
What Next +2? - The question that bothers all students in +2.

I used to escape by answering,

"A chemistry teacher" to chemistry Sir .
" A Maths teacher" to Maths sir.
"Tamil Miss" to Tamil Sir. :-)

Great people Say, before you choose an aim answer these 3 questions:

1) what do u feel like doing?
2) what are u interested at?
3) which subject can u do better?

My answer for all the three were

1) Anything, but not a Software Engineer
2) Anything, but not a Software Engineer
3)Anything, but not a Software Engineer

My desire was to become an Mathematician.
My dad too encouraged by saying, you are good at Maths, you can go a head.
As always Maths Lecturer are in demand in all Engineering and arts college, I joined Bsc Maths by negotiating BE-ECE seat in KSR college.

My inspiration - D.Vishwanathan (DV) sir, who teaches maths relating to Real world.
Staffs encouraged me to do MCA after Bsc by seeing the marks. Everybody in my class Joined T.I.M.E and Brilliant Tutorials.

I asked myself . . Why am I not pulled towards IT Field??? Why MCA craze was not with me??

my focus was on MSc Maths. Days Passed.
5th Sem study holidays. As usual watching TV and sleeping.
I received message from my class mate "Campus interview for HCL on OCT 18th"
Simply I took Written Test and was short listed. Interview was scheduled next day - Oct 19th -2006.
My mom advised, At any case you should not feel bad in case you are not selected.
I shook my head and attend without any dream.
:-) :-) I was placed in HCL.

Later in HCL, IBM and Wipro.

I remembered the days with Kiruthika. We both used to sit, think and note down the points for "Drawbacks of software engineer"
After that day, I reversed the paper and started writing the advantage of "Software Field"


  1. So indha naadu.. illa illa indha naatu students oru Mathematicianta erundu thapechutaanga. IT thaa hallola paduthu :)govindha govindha...

    Yenna HCLaa kuptaahea Wiprola kuptaahea yean keraka IBMla vanthu maateketea (this is mind voice of Deepika lol)