Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Paiya Review

Paruthiveeran hero Karti + successful filmmaker Lingusamy = ‘Paiya’.

The story can be just framed in a line "A journey from Bangalroe to Mumbai".
The movie Starts with the Garden City -Bangalore. I agree that the movie revolves around bangalore but is it necessary to cover all bridges,  Malls, Flats and so on :)
First time, Karthi in a charming and handsome role with colorful dresses.Ha ha He dances in teh moview too. Karthi is absolutely fantastic in this movie. Karti must have accepted this movie to bridge the gap of Paruthiveeran.
"Thuli thuli thuli mazhaiyai vanthaley" song lasts in our mind and the picturization of the song was awesome.
First half its full of fun and excitement. But the next half "Bhagavas"
The movie is just one-time watch. But for Kartic, the movie can be watched 100 times.


  1. yaa i will watch for tamanna for 1000 times..i just lov her looks..try to add some more tammana pics...:)

  2. U karti fan? Karti's wife Ragini must be upset :?

    1. Hello Mr. U.A, don't spread rumors.. his wife name is not Ragini...Her name is Ranjani...
      And I am not more Karti's fan after watching Alex Pandian, All in All Azhagu Raja, Biriyani and Sugani movies....

    2. Hello Ms. U.A, don't spread false titles. That last movie is Saguni not Sugani.


    3. Hello Mr. U.A, don't spread false news.... Last movie is not Saguni... its Komban...released yesterday...


    4. May I kindly know why you deleted ur blog!? or made private!?
      since strangers like me are dropping in?

    5. I came to know about a blog. It had almost all colors of life. The author is also a novelist, dancer, director, marathon runner, wildlife enthusiast, etc, etc.

      So after seeing that blog, my blog committed suicide. :(

    6. the standard of your blog is incredible. I wish u continue ur writing for ur calibre..btw.. I asked u a help and u vanished :P will never ask help moving forward :P

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      = am at loss of words :(

    8. Omg!!! dictionary goes out of words :P

    9. Doesn't that suggests your capabilities?

    10. dictionary here refers to u.... you said, "at loss of words", '
      I was surprised that dictionary itself is at loss of words..

    11. i said, the cause is YOU. B)