Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Its time to Cheer Up and Geer Up :)

   FUSION + 2010

My organisation, UnitedHealth Group is going to conducted a "Fun Filled Event" on various categories like Sports, Cultural Events, Floor Events, Expo and Email Events. Its my time to show my sports talents and Creativity.

Events like Decor On, Cricket, Chess, Table Tennis, Ad Zap, Un Scramble, Rhyme n Time, Splash, Total Re call, Clueless, Bingo, Pirates Treasure, Decor on, Group Dance,
Q-Zone, Apprezzare, Induco, DNA(Distributed Network of Applications) are going to be conducted from Oct 4th to Oct 8th.

I am eagerly waiting to blog my experience on Fusion Plus 2010 . . .

1 comment:

  1. I Have met a Friend in Fusion 2010 ,she is really cute and sweet..Good at sports ,infact best cricket playing in our company her..:-)