Saturday, April 2, 2011

India, India !!!

I am not a cricket fanatic, yet I enjoyed Blue Bleed's Victory.The hype such as WFH option,Projectors setup @ office, less traffic on road, post-pone movie releases will make anyone to watch worldcup.

Expect Sachin and Dhoni none of the palyers seemed to be familiar.Many new Cricket terms too?! -Powerplay, Free hit, Maiden over, LBW. Yet I continued watching cricket from Semi-Finals and enjoyed the victory.

At Hostel, we thought of celebrating the victory by cutting the cake but ended up with having ice cream. 

I felt, Gambir must have been given the Man of match.As he was the person who drived towards the victory of India when all the senior palyers got out.

I never ever thought that I would be watching cricket curiously and the best part never thought about a post in my blog.

Yes!!! I got the answer now. Why Sachin is called God of Cricket

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