Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Mr.Perfect - A taught for perfect relationship

I always dreamed my dream boy should passionate sports as I do and be a bookworm as I am. But the movie Mr. Perfect - made me to realise that for a happy relationship, "Marry a person who thinks for you NOT the person who thinks like you(alike)". I doubt whether we can give up our likes, passion and commitments for the guy as Kajal Agarwal does.

Yes, I agree I was a person who does only the things which makes me happy and No compromise for anyone or for anything.
But this movie has taught me that "There's nothing wrong in making a few compromises and adjustments if it's going to make people around you happy"

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  1. "you have every right to keep people around you happy, but not at the cost of your own happiness''. not a quote-worthy quote, but does makes some sense. Read this somewhere in some website.

    -u a