Friday, June 22, 2012

07. Life : Live - ♥ Love Makes Life Beautiful ♥

Life : Live

♥♥ CHAPTER 07♥ Life Makes Love Beautiful♥♥

     Love is a Not only a package of care, commitment, responsibility, understating, respect and trust but also a fusion of Anger, Fight, Sacrifice, Mis-understandings, arguments and conflicts. The Moments after a slight fight or misunderstanding with our loved ones is always special. Fights are universal among lovers, and the reasons behind those fights are always crazy and stupid. As long as that Crazy fight doesn’t results in war it’s healthy and acceptable.
Two Years passed,
In these 2 years, Gowtham got an offer from another organization as Team Lead and moved to another company. They had fights (which usually has no meaning), cared, loved each other.

     Hey Buddy, Congrats Man. We have nominated you for BRAVO Award and it has been approved.  Thanks for your excellent contribution Man and keep up your good work.

Gowtham felt so happy on hearing the news from his manager and wanted to communicate to Reena. Immediately, he got a call from her.
Hey Sweet heart, one good news he answered the call with enthusiasm.
First tell me who is Aswathy?
Aswathy? My Team mate. Why?
Why did you add her in face book?
Reena, please I am in happy mood. Don’t spoil it with little upset voice
First tell me, why you added?
I dint add. She sent request. I just accepted.
You can reject her request right?
How can I? I know her.
First un friend that Aswathy from your list. Then talk with me.
I can’t. You know my password right. You go a head and remove. He replied irritably and cut the call.

Evening they met in Restaurant,
I told I have good news. Remember?
I told you to un friend that idiot Aswathy from your profile. Did you remember?
Reena Please. don’t start again.
Who is she? Commenting "So Cute" on your profile?
I dint comment on her photo right? I can’t be answerable if someone comments on my photo.
It’s your photo. So need to be accountable.
If i dig into your facebook, it will be more horrible.
None of the guy comment "so cute" ok?
But you have more number of Boys in your profile. Did i question you any day?
They are my college mates.
And she is my team mate.
I was your team mate once upon a time. Don’t I turn into your Girl friend. Similarly she will also turn your lover one day right?
He could not control his anger, and hit his hand hard against the wall. Blood started flowing. She dint expect this behaviour from him and rushed to bring first aid box.

Sorry Gowtham. You can show anger on me right. Why did you hurt yourself? She asked while dressing the wound.
I am not that strong to hurt you Reena. Trust me Reena. I won’t think of any other girl other than you. I will delete my facebook account today.
Chee Not Needed. I trust you.

(Adam o-> : You girls torture us so much by naming it as possessiveness
Eve o-+ : Hanlding this situation is very simple; Whenever we fight for these kind of reasons, Just make us feel you are my only love
Adam o-> :What Non-sense?dont you know that?
Eve o-+ : We Know. But you are not going to loose anything by giving that feel again right?
Adam o-> :If it is once, twice ok. Everyday its not possible.
Eve o-+ : Why Not Possible. It makes us happy. Then whats wrong in giving that feel?
Adam o-> :If you don’t fight for these silly things, it makes us double happy. Do you girls stop that?
EVE o-+ : OMG!!! You guys never understand girls.
Adam o-> : Same to you)

Few Months passed,
Reena Please, Its bachelors party i can’t avoid as I am hosting the party.
(Yes their marriage Finally fixed with both Family acceptance.)
No Way Gowtham
Just 2 Peg.
ok 1Peg?
Half Peg!?
Quarter peg?
Don’t you feel shy to beg?
Don’t you feel you are cunning by not approving my request?
ok drink
Thanks honey.
One condition
Just one condition ? Put 3-4 Conditions. I will do anything for you darling.
Is it!? while drinking just forget Reena i sgone from your life.
He got aggravated on hearing the above statement. Stop blackmailing for this small issue Reena. Earlier, every week end, I used to booze, But after you came into my life, I stopped drinking. Only during unavoidable situations, i drink that too if you agree. Simply creating scene for small things.
He called his friend and shouted at his friend, Party cancelled to-night.
After 1 hour,
Silence was his answer.
Gowtham…. Reena called him again.
Fine. You can drink today.
Not needed Reena. Its ok.
Hello, if you do over show, its you who is going to lose.
Since you are begging this much I will obey your command
Adinga. call your friend again and inform that Party is not cancelled.
Reena, Actually I dint call my friend sometime back. I know you will agree if I start acting as if I am feeling bad. My plan worked out. He twinkled and ran away from her. She started chasing him to beat.


  1. no videos 4 this episode ha////?
    nice episode..

  2. Good one, silly fights and stupid possession are part of relationship. well written.

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