Friday, August 10, 2012

Things to do on your birthday

  1. Start your day with a Big smile on your Face
  2. Go for walking/Jogging/Running
  3. Play any sports - Badminton, Table Tennis
  4. Do Yoga
  5. Perform Skipping
  6. Meditate
  7. Visit Temple
  8. Plant a Tree
  9. Sponsor Food to a Child
  10. Donate Charity
  11. Send an Inspirational SMS to your friends
  12. Drink 10 liters of water
  13. Start learning New things/Join a Coaching class - Music/Technical
  14. Take a SPA message
  15. Read any inspirational/Self-helf books
  16. Donate your Eyes
  17. Start a New Aquarium
  18. Call someone and surprise them
  19. Start writing a Journal
  20. Visit a New Place
  21. Feed a Stray dog
  22. Visit NGO
  23. Capture your Photo and Frame it
  24. Write/Explore 5 Good things about you
  25. Thank the day


  1. first 12 points can be practiced on all days.

    1. Hi Akka,
      You want to practise 8th point every day and make the world green????