Thursday, November 22, 2012

Happy Anniversary to My Lovable Parents

“One of the greatest awards in the world is parent, and one of the biggest blessings in the world is to have parents to call mom and dad.”- Jim DeMint

Our parents are eventually responsible for nurturing us and bringing us into the world, so celebrating their precious wedding day that they determined to couple together is a move that will mean a lot to them.

I was jaded in gifting a Sari to mom and shirt to dad which I and my sister do every year. Like the Hutch dog which follows the boy in all unlikely locations, my corporate world too asks us to follow a 10 letter word in all circumstances and in all projects. And that 10 letter word is  “I*N*N*O*V*A*T*I*O*N”

Does that magical 10-letter word is meant only for my corporate world? Why not I try for my parents wedding day? And because of the so and so thought, I got a very innovative idea (Not exactly, atleast its a innovative idea in that small city Erode)

I carefully choose a good-looking greeting card from Archies Galleries, Bangalore a month before and was in process of enhancing the card with expressive and sentiment words for a life time remembrance.I was sort of leave and hence could not get leave to be with my parents.

Erode does not have facility to deliver at the time we specify. My only criteria, the cake and Bouquet should reach my home before 8.00 AM (i.e. before my mom leaves for school) and my parents should receive the gift in couple. When checked with the Bouquet and cake shop, they said they can’t give any commitments on delivery time. I thought by sitting on sofa, while at desk, while attending my daily status call, travelling in cab and a bright idea clicked. I thought of delivering the gift first to my friend well in advance on Wednesday and I requested my friend to deliver it to my home on Thursday morning 8.00 AM.

Everything went well as planned.
It may be just a small gift, but the happiness they received on that was enormous. Just copy, paste my idea for your parents wedding day too. The result and happiness you get on that is .................
A very true touching moment.....


  1. Nice one :) But Write some more.. Express your feelings and how your mom and dad felt..

    It begun well and felt like ended soon.. Want to have the pleasure of reading deepika's blog more, so add more to it :)

  2. You express how you love your parents.Gifted parents.If there is a will there is a way is proven again in your life.Line by line Author touch is nice. Keep writing...Happy writing..

  3. Thanks Kumar..I would say Gifted daughter :) more than Gifted Parents :) :)

  4. True feeling from heart.try to get more of their thought in as well.put more soul into can't express all the feeling in words but do give it a try.

    1. I was not at my home to realize how they felt :( :(
      Thats why i am nt able to put their expressions and thoughts