Friday, December 28, 2012

Wishlist Wednesday number 3

The one thing that I wish everyone would learn is...

It’s an eye-catching sensation to watch thousand Dove flying around you. As we all know, Dove represent "Peace" what is needed in the world that would give us peace?

I feel, “Positive Approach”

If everyone starts looking only the positive side of other people/society definitely it would result in "World Peace"

Just a Small Test. Could you list out 10 random people name and write down their positive and negatives?

I guess, when you pen down the positive column, you stop, hesitate and re-think to put down in words. But just like a flow of river, you fill up the negatives. we are not ready to appreciate people's positive behaviour.

Just for one hour, look everything around you in a positive way and do post a comment how you felt it.


  1. very inspirational post....

    cheers! :)

  2. Nicely written post that reflects wisdom!
    I really liked the layout of your blog:)

  3. Maybe I fall into a different category. I find it very hard to see the negatives in people. By nature, I find only the positives.
    That doesn't mean I am being blind. It is a sub-conscious choice I make.

    And hey--who doesn't have a few faults? :)

    Thank you for taking part!


  4. Why people projects others negatives. Is it because of the people think them self as a superior? Positive and negatives are varies by person to person view. It is a vast debate. We can’t finish it in a single page. Anyhow author handled in this topic very cute way. I like it.

  5. Its time for you to start a blog. You have new thoughts and ideas which should be preserved ;)