Sunday, February 3, 2013

I wish I could be like . . .

 Here, we go, the post for the last prompt of the wish list Wednesday. . .

Everything in this world, is an inspiration of some or the other thing.
Taj Mahal -  to be the inspiration for Shah Jahan's to illustrate his love story
The hairstyle we change, to match with Cricket player :)
The action we imitate by seeing a Ranjikanth movie.
Everything is an inspiration.

My inspiration or I wish I could be like my

My Mom - Mom are always special. She is our first teacher. Waiting for us without having a dinner. waking me with a hot cup of tea. Playing with her grand child, sacrificing anything for their child. She did it all with grace. She is a lovely person and a lovely mother to have. I am today only because of her. She is cool and loverly.
There is no doubt, she is the only person who loves us the most without expecting anything in return. I wish when I am a mom, I wanted to be like her.
Dad - He is always my hero :)

When I was born, he held my tiny fingers to teach the alphabet. When I am 6 years old, he sung the rhymes along with me. When I am 10, he used to ask me the formulas for (A+B)2 while dropping in school. When I was 18, he just caressed my head and wished "All the best for my graduation"
Rather than saying, he was a perfect dad, I was inspired by the way he was a "PERFECT DAD" at different stages.

I don't believe in another birth, but in case, if it is true, I wanted to be a "dad" for him and my dad to be "my daughter". I am not sure whether I can perform the duties in a perfect way as he did, but at least I will give my best.

My Sister Ramya - Hmm, without her, my childhood might not been colorful. People do say, the younger child are lucky, because they have two mother. The second one is the sister. Its was very true in my case. Right from getting me up ready for school, feeding food, advising at right time. I wish at-least one day, I wanted to be her Elder sister and perfrom her role

Puppy - who licks me everyday to wake me up even before my alarm clock as a sign of "Good morning wish". I would like to cultivate the value of gratitude from my dog

Sanju Kutty( 5 year old) - Who gave half of his chocolate and a kiss on my cheek. Does the love and kiss of a child gives so much happiness and exicetment? If so, I would like to be that kid.

Auto Driver - The auto driver who was so geniue and got my salute for being not demanding extra meter fare, Night fare, return fare.. bla bla (At least blore ppl should be aware of this one)

Farmer - Because of you, we are taste food. Without you, there is no world.

Instead of being just one person, I would like to learn or be like that person who teaches me a good thing.good activity in some or the other way


  1. You r taking good things from each one and form a person that you want to be. I want to be a person with Gandhi's heart, Bose's guts, Einstein's brain, Salmankhan's physique and Sharukhan's face. :)

    i have first written a short story. if you have time, check and give me feedback.