Friday, June 7, 2013

Failing to plan is Planning to fail

Apeksha's tenure in the last 14 years with ABC organization is the mirror for her loyalty towards the Organization. Apart from being an excellent performer as an employee, as a wife she was exceptional.

How many of us are aware that Mother is the best Project Manager? She delivers with passion in all the activities and REMEMBER she does it all alone. Let me quote a small example “I still remember the date, it’s was 25th Sep 2008. I messaged Apeksha at around 7.30PM saying that I will reach home with three of my friends who were in town to attend an urgent business meeting.” By that time I reached home I was stunned at the delicious dine in a span of 1hour! Before I went to bed I also understood that she took care of evening snacks party, again a sudden invitation given by my 12 years Son. Apeksha's planning is just perfect at work and at home. She believes in “Failing to plan is Planning to fail". She always reminds me and my son on this. We planned to give the best future to our Son, as all parents do. But her physical departure is God's plan. It is heartening from deep inside but her words are echo in my mind that warns me to plan properly and not to fail. Let this echo stop with my last breathe. Sorry not able to control my tears for the love, affection, passion etc… she shared with me and my son for all these years”. The unseen tears in my heart are paining me more...

This is the Eulogy I want my husband Adyouth to share when I depart.

I am selfish to leave him early as I can’t imagine my and my son’s life without my loving husband. Let my husband use this Eulogy to inspire and motivate himself, my son and every individual he meet to plan properly in everything we do before God’s plan of departure reach us.

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