Sunday, August 25, 2013

So called Love..

Aneesh halted his bike on observing the traffic signal. Aneesh love to ride bike especially with his love Anitha. And much more, he loves to halt at signal. Because those few second conversation which he have during the wait... would be more ...INTIMATE...
But today, each second was hectic for him, even-though Anitha was behind him.
Reason being, they were in fight.
Reason for fight?! 
Come on..
It was just an another idiotic fight which they had for goofy reason.

     Aneesh had a glance at her face in the rear mirror and turned his face towards his left side.
“Isn’t she beautiful?” Anitha asked him and he nodded his head.
“You… You will admire another girl...and in-turn you will accept it with proud. I hate you, Aneesh” She scolded him and got down from his bike and started moving away.
Aneesh took out the helmet and removed his earphones which was plugged into his ears and wondered, “Was listening to songs and nodding my heard was a crime?. Weird. This time, I am not going to convince her for sure.” He thought and zoomed his bike to his room and found his roommate having drinks. With anger, he took the bottle, had it in a single gulp and started screaming, “Girls are very complex...When they are sad, they expect us to be sad. If they are happy, they expect us to fly with joy. Irrespective of our feelings..."
His mobile buzzed.
“Sorry Aneesh” Anitha replied the other end.
“Honey, Please don’t mention. It was my mistake. I am sorry”
“Hey your voice is different? Did you booze?”
He acted  as if he got a cough and said, “Drinks ah? The moment you came into my life I even stopped drinking water and you know that sweetie. I got drenched in rain and got a bad throat and cough dear”
“Oops, have cough syrup”
“Sure Sweet heart.." He blushed and relaxed
But damn sure.. he learnt a lesson today. Sometimes playing prank would save a fight :)

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