Sunday, August 4, 2013

Happy Friendship day ~~ You guys are always special

Hi Guys,
Happy Friendship day...

My family is always so special...First time in my life, I feel friends are special too. They are always sweet and add fun to our life. No doubt, they too are one among our family. don’t they?

If you guys are not in my life… I must have been trashed long back.
If friends are not in my life.. Definitely “Touch of Mist” would have not been travelled to its destination. 
This post is a dedication to my all sweet friends who made a smile on my face and an engrave in my heart


In the movie Vaanathia pola Prabu Deva will say, “Dear students, I was appreciated as though I have done a great achievement. All these encomiums are because of him my brother and not me. If my brother had not toiled head to educate me I would have been a cowboy in some village.”
Its very much true in my case, 
"Dear Abi, my achievements are only because of you...
If you had not motivated whenever I step back, “Touch of Mist” would have NOT been today.
I must have not molded into a perfect person."
Guys, If you get a loving friend like Abi as in my case, even you guys would have done greater achievements."
You told me once, “I am really proud of are doing many things, You are a writer,,IT  professional,, athlete,, woow really great..Should appreciate your parents for helping u to achieve all these”

Bala, I am really not sure, whether I am upto your thoughts. But from the day you said, I started working towards it. Thanks Bala. Its really makes us feel so confident to have friends like you..


Without you, I will not know the philosophy of life. When I sense “Problem Is just peeping out at my windows” I just rush to you and scream. You are always there to give a valid/likable solution.

Gopi, who always say, “Its passing cloud.. The pain will pass away”.
I know, how much complaints you heard. There is no doubt, I can write a non-fiction novel about the things you have done to me..Will do that Gopi.

Nisha – Who takes the rights and fights with me whenever I don’t talk or avoid her :P Love you dear.


The most admirable girl in my family. I always salute your maturity and the way you present yourself. I really feel proud that more than cousin bonding, we have a friendship bond

Ramya – Ooie, Do I need to mention about you? Po girl, are in my heart and you value more than that... Love you sweetie...

Ramya Keezhillath - You have been played a mother role at times dear :) I am lucky and proud to have you in my life.

During my book editing, there was a scenario where "the heroine gets so irritated, that she would delete hero contact from her phone."
I asked you, is that scenario possible? I was stunned by your answer.
You said, "I deleted your contact once, when you hurt me :P" Still we are friends and hang out.. That's the mutual bonding :)

Prakash Mams:

You have been always in my dad’s role. When I do a mistake without my knowledge, you are dare to correct me. I really feel happy, that few things which cannot be told to my sister I was able to share with you.
Remember? The fight I had with my sister and I called up to complain about it?  You were inbetween us like a friend to solve the gap...
Cant forgot it.....

God sends few people just to keep us happy and progressed. I promise, you are the person who motivates me form the bottom of the heart. Thanks a lot :)

Anitha – I always feel pity of you dear. You are the one who takes up my stress, anger, mood-swings. Even if I shout at you very badly, then next  moment, you come back with a smile and say, “My Deeps, I know about you…" Love you for that. And sorry for :P :P the anger thrown on you ”

Friends can motivate, guide and support. But more than that, you have been longing for my change and happiness. Thanks Seelan, For your guide and words at the right time

Nachi - 

Its always good to have friends in the writing field. It really makes me proud, when you show your post first to me. Writing not only thought me valuable lessons in my life. But also few good friends like you :)

 I always feel you are my god’s gift. Since I met you at a holy place. You are always responsible for my positive change in my life.


You are not my friend. you are my darling :) :) Miss you dear :) Come to blore soon

A life with a brother is always interesting. Thanks Vicky. You filled that gap. You are more than a brother. Though you are a small
kid, I learned few things from you – Help everyone, Do anything for friends. Carefree attitude and much more...

Few of my people are not in the above list. But always in my heart. 
Bhavaya, Nageswar, Mahesh, Kiran, Pratyusha, Rati, Raghva, Shilpa, Thumma and Yeraballi. You guys will be stayed in my heart and mind for ever. Definitely one year UHG is my golden period of my life and it will be always... It cant be replaced.

Nisha, Samu, Siva Akka, Kalpana, Shobana Vijayalakshmi, Vidhya, Vidhya II :P , Siva Sakthi – Definitely my Hyderabad hostel life is the most cheerful day and those are only because of you...

Few of my cousins.. Sharmi, Sindhu, Keerthana, Nivedha Duraisamy, Keerthi chandra... The list goes on...

And finally my new friends!?
Anil, Prasad, Gopi, Madhan and Vijay...
Though I was not that lucky enough to work with you people, those few days in my life will be always cherished..
Loads of talents, Laughs, innovation, Hardwork.. my god, you guys are the best and going to rock for sure :) Love you team...

I have missed few of my lovable and caring friends too...It’s because of the work, circumstance, my attitude and choice I had...

Special thanks to them as well..


  1. This is the best friendship gift anyone can give to their friends. Way to go girl :) :)

    And I am lucky to have a bubbly, smiley, active and daring girl like you as my friend. Oh wait.. Did I say 'girl' replace it with 'author' :) :)

    Thanks you deeps for such a wonderful gift :) :)

    1. Author ah :) lol ...
      Thanks a lot dear... bubbly and smiley ah :) ROFL

    2. awesome sis......!!!!!!thank u so much

  2. hey i m nt a KIDDDDDDDD deeps :@

    i ill be der in ur life end like a bird ,
    carry away ur sadness and be der with u wen u needed :P :D love u deeps

    1. aaam da.. kid dhan.. Love you too Vicky :)

  3. Hey,
    Honestly never expect this kind of post from you. It's great, it was like watching coffee with Anu. You tell your thoughts and here is mine.

    "When ever i feel writing is not my profession; you give me inspiration and confidence. When i first chat with u, I thought you were a blogger then u surprised me with your book. It is such an unbelievable task of completing 300 page book along with your professional work. It says you have a die hard attitude. I love the teaser and synopsis of touch of mist. Waiting for the book."

    1. Hey Thanks a lot Nachi :) :) :)
      Such a wonderful and motivational comment

  4. very happy to hear this !!! in this friendship day . always this won't end i think ... what ever u do we will be ur supportive frnds forever !!! happy friendship day !!!

  5. Superb. . Lucky to be part of it. . .God bless you. . We are always be there in your life as a friend for ever. .

  6. Thank you so much dear,,, Ur such a wonderful friend and ur a perfect example for how the girls has to be, inspiration for all our friends da,, keep up ur good works,, eagerly waiting for the next surprises from u,, wish u all the best for lot more sucess in ur life,, u will really make it da,,

    Happy friendship day,,,
    Love u :) ummhaaaaaaaaaa :) :)

  7. wish u a very happy friendship day :)

  8. So nice to see this.. :) wish u a very happy friendship day :)

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