Friday, July 25, 2014

3 Things to realize before it’s too late

There are three things in life that everyone should realize at the earliest in order to achieve success and peace in life.

I have a big Financial/Family/Health/Emotional Problem:
                   If you are the one who says the above statement, then it’s time to burn those negative thoughts into ash. All problems tend to be gigantic just by over-thinking. There are only 2 things in the universe.
  1. The things which are beyond our control - The so Called "FATE" 
  2. The things which are under our control. 
Things such as accident, falling sick, losing a valuable thing/person are beyond our control. Why to give importance to those things when is not in our control. Just accept, learn to "let go" and stay positive for the next good beginning.
Second, that is in our control.  - Be wise and take cautious decision in the all the things you chase. Be wise in choosing friends, eating habits and thoughts. When a person starts doing it, even the things which are beyond the control can be restricted to certain level.

Talent/Lack of Time/I am not lucky pal:
“I am not lucky enough”, “It’s too late to start now”,” It’s not the right time”, “I am not a wannabe” are only the road blockers for achieving the passion and dreams.

I don’t have time- If that’s the answer for achieving the passion, come-on... It means, it’s treated as least important. Because Have you ever stopped yourself from brushing your teeth? Because its very important for you( if not at least for others )

I am not talented: There is no such thing called "talented person." There are only people who just practice and work hard. And add a spice of persistence to Practice and hard work. You will become the talented person that world would envy.

Not lucky enough - just because you are struggling does NOT mean you are failing.  Every great success requires some kind of struggle to get there. so stop finding excuses for pursing your passion.
On your marks, get set and go...

Final, but most important one.
Love yourself! Love yourself!! Love yourself!!!
Love and admire yourself than anything and any person in the world and Stop expecting love from others. No one can give you the care and love you need apart from yourself.
Secondarily, love, Appreciate and care for the people truly whoever you meet. But learn to accept and move on when they are not with you and learn to move on happily. Relationship and the people are the ones who keep moving and changing and trust that you will meet better person always.

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  1. Well said Deepika... Without practice nothing would happen...