Friday, August 29, 2014

Happy Birthday Sanju

Happy birthday Sanju
The most important thing in a journey towards any destination is to take that "First Baby Step". Today I am an Author and it’s because of your birth. It was a moment of inspiration to share and it drove to write my first post...

All your first's are treasurable and enlivening moments. Right from your first cry which became the ringtone of entire family members -to-till-date-Each and every second around you has always been special and memorable (The first time I wrapped you around my arms, your first smile and my naughty acts in a sing-song pitch pattern to make you giggle...Your smile in your sleep....Your first roll over - Hah, You actually took little time in rolling over and I helped (or tortured!?) by pushing over to the side.. Your first tummy walk, first baby step) These are only few ...

Sanju..Your smile, tiny hand and leg movements make us go crazy...We used to long for your sweetie smile and raspberries blow..

And your first vaccination? I just ran out of doctor's room not being able to see the needle pricking your tiny hand... Your first tonsure?! You were very cool as MS Dhoni and did not cry. We managed by offering zandu balm and you got engrossed. But second time!? your little eyes sensed the knife and you cried like hell :(

Your mom was so strong and never shed tears. But when you got fever the first time, she called us  and burst out into tears. You have such an impact...

Sanju you are a teacher too, 
You want us to entertain by putting the similar steps of "Vazha Meenu" song and we did not have courage to reject Sanju kutty wish. Outcome@!?, Your Thatta and patti used to imitate the steps of Gana Ulaganathan and thereby becoming a great dancers.  

Singing lullaby to make you sleep and indeed we had a theme song for you and that’s Sutum Vizhi. Sleeping on the cradle you hum with us and when we stop singing thinking you doze off, your voice goes to  peak commanding us to sing non-stop.

Acting unwise in front of you and listening to your brilliant answers… pretending as if I don’t know Alphabets and numerics and learning it from you...losing to you in running and cricket made me realize that evan a loss can be sweeter if the winner is a child..

When I lost the gold ring on the beach and you, one of your slipper to the waves, myself and Ramya Akka decided not to inform parents about the loss of ring. But as soon as your dad stepped in, you felt sorry for losing the slipper and when your dad had forgiven you, you jumped with overjoy and said, “appa, i had only lost one slipper of a pair,chiti had lost the only ring she had” and embarrassed in front of everyone. That was innocence at its sweetest best.

And now, you play "Logo Quiz - Cars" game and approach me for guessing the car company name.   Googling all car logos and saving it to my gallery, I show-off as if “Chiti knows everything”. But for one logo, the answer was not available with the picture I had and while acting as if I was recollecting, you gave a shock by saying, “Chiti search in gooogle like earlier”.  Yeah, how did I forget that you are growing up...You care for your mom now, when she takes vomit and suggest her to eat horse gram Rasam….

Sanju, you are our love and light of our showed me, where true happiness can be found and it comes from a child.. 

"Because time itself is like a spiral, something special happens on your birthday each year. The same energy that God invested in you at birth is present once again."~Menachem M Schneerson

Love you Always :) 


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