Sunday, October 19, 2014

Beyond Boundaries with Ashay Shah

This post is a part of “Beyond Boundaries” at in association with INK 2014.

As a part of BlogAdda's Beyond Boundaries Competition, I got an opportunity to collaborate with a Blogger Ashay who is residing Hyderabad, Andra Pradesh. 

How the world has changed with people getting to know different cultures from different countries.?

First of all, its the outlook of people that has changed after knowing different cultures. Matured minds have developed and they strive to get rid of racism from others. Traditional way of living of different cultures are exposed and people are getting more open towards else's culture. This has also led to people migration in seeking more business, tourism and ways to cross culture studies. Business is the one that has profited more in this, you name it and its earning at this very moment too. Say food, clothing, standard of living, film, electronics, support service, military techniques, advanced technology, fashion etc.
So this hasn't changed the world as world will be changed when you start practicing positive sayings of every culture so as to u and conserve nature irrespective of your profit, I can say cultural exchange has been beneficial. Sadly, it has lead to disease outbreaks and increase in mortality and cold war. When you start comparing cultures, we get gifts like - World War 1 & 2

Share a historical perspective about how travelers like Vasco da Gama, Hieun Tsang used to explore new places and facilitated exchange of cultures and what is the present scenario.?
Earlier explorations by travellers had travelled for only for 3 reasons - Trade, Slavery & Acquisition. Cultural exchange took place since then and also earlier time, however it didn't facilitate much as those were just a way to simplify living in a new place. E.g. - Persian king had to leave Persia and enter Gujarat through western border, for a very basic need of Man - Survival. The story is authentic and till date makes one thing clear that survival challenges can make you change the way you live and practice your own culture.

People are collaborating with people from different places and building amazing products and services.
Thats Business sector what we looking from cultural exchange. Its not wrong to make services available to other, but at what cost should also be thought. No Fort was built in day and no kingdom was conquered in an hour, hence earlier Kings used to put enormous efforts in understanding one's culture. Living example is Indian wherein Tuglaq's ruled Hindu lands and created a dynasty. It wasn't easy but trade was responsible for getting people understand each other. When ideas and thoughts are exchanged for betterment of mankind, that's the best gift of Cultural Exchange.

This post is a part of “Beyond Boundaries” at in association with INK 2014.

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