Thursday, July 9, 2015

Balanced Diet with Dabur honey

The freezing chilly air smashed my face. I got up from my bed with my eyes closed to close the window. I hit the bed again and covered my face with thick blanket. After a while, the alarm in my mobile phone buzzed as it hit my jogging time. I cancelled the alarm, and went back to deep sleep again. I don’t want to snooze it once more and disturb my peaceful sleep that I was enjoying with the cold weather. Bangalore is known for pleasant climate, and I love it more during the Winter Season.

The fog at early morning not only freezes the trees and plants, but it also freeze a person. During winter, getting up early and going for a jog really requires courage and determination.  Chill climate not only make me lazy. It makes me fatty as well. Yes I skip jogging and exercise, since I fail to compete with chill weather.

After a week or so, I could sense my dress becoming so tight. But I am always a positive person and tend to conclude my dresses have become short (IS IT!) rather than accepting the fact that I had become fat.  Well, I do have logic for it. When you keep washing your dress, there are chances of dress getting shrink.

Then I realize my friend passing on comment’s that I have become fat.  These are the side effects of skipping jogging. Then again I take a resolution that I would reduce my weight in one week. But the winter soothes me with freezing cold which tend me to skip jogging and exercise.

Exercise during winter is never my cup of tea. The other possible option to reduce weight was to skip foods and eat less which was very dangerous. When it comes to weight loss, I really don’t care about side effects and tend to skip meals. About a week later, I start carving for all junk foods and eat more. Result double the amount of fat gets stored in my body. This story sound similar to you?

So what is the best likely way to have a balanced healthy diet even when you don’t do any physical exercise?
Here are my few tips to maintain a balance diet.

  • Honey Diet - As soon as you wake up in the morning, the first and the best thing to kick start your engine or metabolism is to drink one glass of water along with honey. Research says that this is one of the best techniques for weight management as well as best way to start your day.
  • Divide your meals into 6 smaller portions - These helps in not only eating nutritious food but also helps you from not starving.
  • Replace Sugar with Dabur Honey - Sugar is the best enemy for metabolism. Consuming Sugar will affect the metabolism and it’s a bad agent for burning the calories. In fact it burns glucose rather than burning the fat.
  • Recently I came across the Dabur honey website and in just 3 clicks; you can get the diet planner Dabur honey.
  • Still have quires, You can check with an Expert or Dietitian here - 

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