Friday, September 18, 2015

Funny Profile in Matrimony

About my son
Did my B.E from Govt College and Masters in Business Administration(Govt College )
PresentIy Iam working as a ceo of a leading software company which has branches in india and abroad..

In future Iam more interested to settle in USA and taking care of USA operations and visiting india often.
Traveled across dozens of countries ,but still value indian culture.
Respect elders very much ,God Fearing,Do not Drink or Smoke .
i love pets like birds and animals and have lots in my home :)
CEO of a company does not mean i work all 24/7 :)
i do have plenty of time for family and friends .
love to spend my Free time with family and close friends or take a long drive in the weekends.
I drive 2015 Carbon Black BMW 530D M Sport. This Rs 80 Lakhs BMW Beast is my latest dear friend who accompany me during weekends.So i can assure u my future wife that weekend will be full of fun and adventrous . Those who explore new places n visit

exotic destinations are welcome...ill be husband cum Driver cum free tour guide :)

Apart from BMW ,i own Black Honda Accord and silver Color huyndai .

i have a younger brother,who is the most amazing person with brilliant attitude also into software field.

Both are taking an annual Salary package of more than Rs 1.5 crore a year.

my dad and mom are retired and supporting us and taking care of us .

so we all are born and brought up in middle class smoke,drink :( (sad isnt it ?)

we are a zero debt highly profit making and fast growing software company in india :)
our company is mainly into asp/php/.net and cloud computing software programming solution.
My dream is to beat my great granddad and take our company public and provide job to 1000+ of engineers and to have branches all over the short a big MNC all during my life time..
Very soon by 2015-16 we are planning to expand globally with offices to be opened in USA and UK.
This all are possible..only if i get a understanding girl and at the same time humanistic wife..and i need her moral support :) other wise ill end up dying by running a normal company..

Being wealthy does not mean..iam dad's family is a normal middle class family.
my grandpa earned thru we all grown up with middle class values..

Going to temple,Respecting elders,Do not waste food..Tolerance,forgiving character n kindness are the core value of mine.

Infact i implemented this middle class value system in our business...and that's why we are able to grow big in short span of time..

ill be the last one to show, public display of wealth..

I do party hard with friends .

If you are more into health and fitness...then you have to be in my home .

I have a 1000 sq feet private gym. Equipped with Precor Treadmill,Precor Stepper,Home Gym,Cross Trainer n many stuffs.

Also iam a reebok certified aerobic and personal fitness anything in fitness and food i can guide my future wife on par with any international star gym trainers.

i had six pack until 2010 but now iam not that hard working out like before :) but still i run everyday 10kms and spend close to 2 hrs everyday in my gym.

About my hobbies:

i love spending my free time in gym

iam not into heavy weights .

i do cook..all south indian dishes and after marriage i dont mind cooking everyday for my family

i like tennis and big fan of roger federer....since he won his first wimbledon.

one of my dream is to take my wife n family to wimbledon to watch roger federer playing live

i love movies..mostly english movies...

kind request : after reading my not brand me as hifi , wifi guy n all

iam just yet another normal&simple attitude guy whom u see next door in ur neighborhood.

thank u for reading my profile..

all the best.

Note : Iam really not sure how to search for a girl on net or how to contact and initiate...bcos so much of profile and no idea where to begin ...iam very poor in promoting myself and not the best to market myself in this marriage market.

iam second to none interms of education,intelligence,job,career,wealth,health,fitness or smart personality..but iam too lazy and bored to promote myself here...

Having some fear that,a Girl may Simply reject my profile without even reading it fully n give a heart break

If somebody has enough time and patient ,then reach out to me..ill be very sincere thru all my life to my girl and her family.

most important thing is our family do not believe in DOWRY SYSTEM
work hard,earn more,create more jobs,love and help others