Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Right Advice at Right time

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What I am today is only because of my dad. My dad always used to preach one little proverb. 
“Study and work hard now; that’s the best gift you can gift yourself”
 I really could not imagine a life without his guidance. His support and advice was not in one area of my life. He molded at every aspect of my life. The best part was he analyzed what I need and guided accordingly. There are certain incidents in our life, where choosing one path would take us to huge success whereas taking another path would trash and spoil our future like anything
It was right after my graduation, I was put into one such situation. 
I got placed in a multinational company with a good offer; whereas my passion was to purse PhD in management.  Those days, this particular company in which I got placed has a good brand name. Like everyone, I was tempted for those flashy offers they were offering. Employees of that company had god future as well. Whereas, adding PHD after my name was my dream and I could not sacrifice that was well. 
On discussing this dilemma with friends their advice was, it’s your life, so you need to decide or take a decision. That night I reached home with a heavy heart and confused mind. I did not have my dinner properly. 
My dad was keenly observing my body language from far and understood that I was mood off. When I went to my bed room to catch sleep, II heard a knock at my door. I saw my dad waiting at the bed rom door. 
He entered my room caressed my head and said, I know what’s running on your mind. “You are confused whether to choose employment offer or higher studies.”
Yes dad and its number one IT Company in the world. Getting a Job in that company is the dream of many people. Whereas I can’t miss my higher studies. 
My dad advised me to accept the offer and work for few years, gain working experience and purse my passion of doing higher studies. With his right advise, I sent an email that night accepting the offer and joined the organization. After 3 years, I went for higher education. Now, My future is so secure and I am loving the life which I love the most. One right advice at right time changed my life

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