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Bangalore #madeofgreat

Bangalore #madeofgreat

There could be enormous reason to fall in love with a person or with a place. Sometimes, there might be absolutely no reason to fall in love.  I always felt travel gives me lot of happiness and peace. A kind of immense satisfaction comes, when we travel or live in our favorite city. Favorite place depends on person and how emotionally we are connected to place.
For me, my favorite city is always the Garden City Bangalore. Within Just 30 minutes you could find Cubbon Park and Lalbagh Botanical Garden which is full of plants and trees that are spread around 100 acres of area. Not only that, even a small street would have a small park with a jogging track.
About Nice Toll (Source - News)
Another reason, Bangalore has lots of weekend gateways. My friends and I stick to one point. We work hard in the weekdays and bid bye to city during the weekends. We travel outside the city skirts and connect to the nature. It rejuvenate and makes the following week very colorful and refreshing. I would proudly say that the work stress or pressure won’t affect us. Because, Monday and Tuesday mornings are filled with the energy received from the nature and Thursday and Fridays we wait for the weekend zealously and explore the nature.

I am lucky enough to have a set of friends who are nature lovers and well as travel lovers and riders. Who said Women cannot have fun and Women are not daring enough to take risk and enjoy the adventure? We are the best examples.
Roads are important and it plays a vital role in making a person’s trip smooth and memorable. The Nice road (as the name suggest it’s one of the nice road in Karnataka), that connects the Bangalore and Mysore is one of the best place to drive and connect.
For people like me who experience the freaking Bangalore traffic during the weekdays, this nice road comes as a soothing effect. After all, who doesn’t love to drive on a road that has no annoying colorful signals that stops you everywhere and escape the horrible speed hump which gives you bungee jumping effect?

 One would absolutely love the design of the road. Currently it’s a four lane but it was designed to expand to six lanes in the future. This road was also designed to connect the Pune Highway and Hosur highways.
Drive, Design and connect

Here are the top 3 reasons for Bangalore to be a #madeofgreat place to Drive, Design and connect:
  • One State. Many Worlds. “One State. Many Worlds” It’s rightly quoted by Karnataka Tourism. I am not sure about the other cities in Karnataka. But Bangalore is the best example for it. I could see people in almost all the states and you get a chance to connect and explore their culture and language.
  • Garden City: The city is surrounded by Greenery. Tough these days it’s occupied with lots of IT hubs and giant buildings there are still few places with trees on either side of the road and plants at the middle of the road.
  • Climate - I am basically from Tamil Nadu where the sun showers with lot of heat. For me, this climate is a heaven
Picture Source - Tata Moter's Zica

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