Friday, February 12, 2016

Is Relationship Really Complicated?

Valentine day is quite close and it’s a usual tendency for People who are single tend to come across the happiest couple and couples find single to be the happiest. My friends who are in relationship often say relationship is tiring, painful, bullshit.

"It’s a wonderful feel. But only during the early stage, later marriage is a hell" says one of my friend who is married. So, is relationship that intricate as everyone say? If marriage yields pain, then why to proceed?

Well, Relationship is not that complicated as everyone says. We humans make it complicated. The truth is with little effort it can be a blissful journey.
Here are few things one should understand before getting into a relationship.
  • Relationship is not always a bed of roses:
You are going to spend the rest of your life with them. He/she will have a downtime or a stressed day and might return home with a package of anger, frustration and may un-bundle it against you. Respect their mood swings. Expecting a perfect love similar to the one projected in silver screens, is like expecting a life in the fantasy. One cannot expect a life without disagreements and conflicts. Any relationship will undergo hard days. Try to sort it out as it when comes. We are human beings and tend to do horrible mistakes knowingly or unknowingly. Learn the art of ignoring and forgiving. If he forgets your birthday or anniversary, don’t get enraged. After all, we are human beings and once in a while there are chances of forgetting the special days.

At the end, a successful relationship strives not when you don’t fight or commit a mistake. But how far we look positive and tend to carry only the beautiful memories. It’s in our hands to collect a bunch of sweet memories in a beautiful bouquet called life.
  • Indeed, there is a magical formula:
What if there is a relationship formula, which implicitly provides a fact for the success of relationship. All couple will have a flourishing relationship right? But there is one simple, yet magical formula.
Give = Receive double
Stop complaining that they are not expressing the love you expect and not taking care of you. Shower them with love. You will receive it in double.

Treat his mother with respect! in turn he will treat your parents like a god!!!
Compromise one of your favorite serials for his cricket match! he will surprise you with lot of compromises that you could not even imagine.!!!
Spend one hour of uninterrupted dedicated time with her, She will give you more privacy than you expect.!!!
Compliment her for the delicious food. (Even if it is not)! Appreciate her for multitasking at home and office!! It’s her great source of motivation and she will do with more love and passion.!!!
  • Accept that occasional change in behavior:
Sometimes a person expects private space. They may not express love as they did earlier or might hurt you on a particular day and will not bother about it. Ignore!!! That one particular day is not going to change everything or it’s not the end of world. After all, no one can find a person on earth you will keep you happy all the time.
Gone are the era where spying the text message, tracking their social media friends and knowing their whereabouts were considered as possessive or love. These days people expect privacy. One can’t really stop a person by scrutinizing. This makes only the relationship more complicated and pain.
Some people believe, "little lie is harmless and needed to avoid a conflict situation. But on a longer run, little lie or avoiding the truth is just a temporary put-off for fights. It’s like a mirage. For monogamy, be loyal and show sincere honest love to the partner.

Above all, don’t forget to express your love often. When you express it, mean it.
Happy Valentine's day!!!


  1. A very very positive article for couples and for future couples ...

  2. hey look. Relationship blog active again!

  3. Hello! Even I have some friends who find relationships really complicated and though I have no experience in this field, I always encourage them to nourish a relationship with care and positivity. One should always have trust and patience in a relationship.