Thursday, June 2, 2016

Finally, I found my car - Its Datsun redi-GO...

"I can’t move an inch further," My friend said as we came out of the entrance of a car show room.
"Hey please, just one more show room". I pleaded.
“Madam, What kind of car are you expecting? From morning we must have visited at least 8 car showrooms and you are not satisfied with any of the models. For your budget and your expectations, a new car model has to be launched.” She said sneered.
“Hey, buying a car needs lot of research. I am looking for something that is with unique design and also which gives decent mileage. Yes above all within my budget”
"I don’t think so you will finalize a car” my friend taunted.

As we were riding towards Hosur Road, I suddenly put a halt on seeing the SURYA NISSAN showroom. I parked my two-wheeler in front of the show room and we entered the showroom. One of the sales representative welcomed us. We had a glance at all the car that were displayed in the showroom. Then my eyes caught the brochure that was displayed in a stand.

It was a brochure of the Datsun redi-GO car that was going to be launched soon. I called the representative and asked him to give more information about the new car.

"Fun. Freedom. Confidence. The ultimate Urban Cross - Datsun redi-GO - the capability of a crossover with the convenience of a hatchback," replied the sales representative.

First thing that impressed was its new design. I was looking for a compact one, and this hatch back was an added advantage. The representative replied, first time a hatch back car with a SUV performance. Being a women I always felt its tough to drive a SUV because of its size and I always felt I cannot enjoy riding the SUV and its performance. But does that mean we should not enjoy its performance?  When the sales guy said, it give a SUV performance, I felt awesome. And the best part it was within the budget, It was expected to be around 3 lakhs.

As far as I know, If the car is priced at 3 lac, mileage might be below 20 and there won’t be air bags, When asked about the mileage of the car they said it gives around 25 kmpl also Datsun comes with an airbag and hence the car is absolutely safe. You can drive with absolute confidence.

Coming to interior part, there is lot of storage to keep a person belongings. The door has a pocket and water bottles can be placed over there. Apart from this, there is a side storage. The interior are as spacious and stylish. When I saw the image of Accelerator, the representative understood the question that ran in my mind. He immediately pitched in and said this car comes with Electronic accelerator pedal. When my friend asked about the difference or the use of electronic pedal, he explained that it helps in smaller emission which will in turn cut the cost of maintenance.

Above all it comes in 5 different colors with white, grey, Sky, sliver, Ruby. The sky variant was different and unique when compared to all the models in the market now, hence I decided to opt for SKY color.

Datsun Redi-Go Interior
As soon as I came out of the showroom, I started dreaming about the car. My friend was extremely relaxed as I finalized a car. Without second thought, I suggested my idea of going on a long drive in the new car. While returning home, we fixed to travel to Hampi. It was my dream place and travelling and exploring its historical momentum with dream car would be the biggest gift.

Here is the video about the new car

Picture Courtesy -  Datsun Redi-Go


  1. After parking the car safe in the apartment basement(and a body cover if possible) and then taking the red BMTC Vajra to the places: such a liberating feel.

    1. But red BMTC Vajra is costly :P .
      Oops.. sorry for people like you, its cheap :)

  2. by the way, the anonymous comment was 'unacquainted anonymous'