Sunday, April 29, 2018

Rasipuram Rotary Mega Marathon 2018 : Step Up for a Cause

I recently participated in the Rasipuram Rotary Mega Marathon 2018, which took place near my hometown. The marathon was flagged off from the Thiruvalluvar Government Arts College in Rasipuram. As usual, I convinced my entire family to join me and register for the event!

However, as this was the first time the Rasipuram Rotary organizers were conducting the marathon, there were some organizational issues. The race categories were started every five minutes, disregarding the official start time. Additionally, there were no portable toilets or medical aid available, which was disappointing.

Despite these setbacks, I acknowledge that it's challenging to organize an error-free marathon on the first try. The Rotary Club has made a commendable start, and with time and experience, I'm confident they'll overcome these challenges and conduct a successful and well-organized event in the future.

Parents Atrocity: At the Rasipuram Rotary Mega Marathon 2018, there was a 3KM Run event category for children between the ages of 7-15. However, it was disappointing to see some parents losing their cool and shouting at their kids for not running continuously. The funny part was that these parents were not even running along with their children, but rather chasing them on their bikes and shouting at them.

It is essential for parents to understand that kids cannot run continuously on their first day. Today's children spend less time in free play and exercise than previous generations, who spent a lot of time walking and bicycling. Instead of yelling at them, parents should encourage their children to run using a firm and soft tone. It is important to promote a positive attitude towards exercise and instill a love for physical activity in children from a young age.

Rasipuram Marathon organizer should have set a necessary boundary for parents. They should not have let the parents inside the marathon trial. Also, lot of Vehicles were crossing the trails.

The Rasipuram Rotary Mega Marathon 2018 provided a fantastic platform for newbie runners and the people of Rasipuram to experience the thrill of a marathon. The cheering crowds at the finish line and the medals were a great incentive to keep going. I could see the excitement in the organizers as they handled the gunshot at the beginning of the race.

However, I hit a roadblock at the 4th kilometer. My shoes did not fit correctly, and my skin kept rubbing against the edges of the shoe, making it difficult for me to move forward. Despite the setback, I persevered and completed the marathon with great zeal. The certificate was provided in hard copy, but the medal could have been better.

On a positive note, the breakfast provided after the marathon was delicious, and we even received a free coupon for ice cream from Amilma Ice Creams as part of our registration. I have a fun story to share about our experience with Amilma Ice Creams, which I will write about later.

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