Thursday, August 1, 2019

Jeem Boo Baa

There lived a happy and understanding couple who gave birth to a beautiful and healthy baby. The baby is intelligent, cute and kind-hearted.

Kutty Thangam was just one month old and loves to play with parents and grandparents. They always take the baby to the park nearby.

"meow..." The cats said.
"moooooo" The cows made a sound.
“Koo-Koo” The birds chirped.
"BuzzzZ" The Mosquitoes whined
"croak croak ... croak croak " the frogs cheered.
“Quack, quack, …Quackkkk” The ducks from the pond quacked.

The baby always enjoyed the birds and the animals sounds.

One fine day, Kutty Thangam's mom and dad were displaying the black and white Rabbit origami and the Rabbit texture.
Texture Prepartion with Cotton

Origami Rabbit 
The baby got so excited, as it was prepared by the sweet mother when the baby was inside the womb.
"Ma.. Ma....I never saw a Rabbit in the park...." The baby made a cute facial expression.

Mom got an idea and prepared a magical sword, swayed slowly on the rabbit by saying, Jeem Boom Baa”
Waah.. What a surprise…  Both the white and black Origami turned to a little tiny black and white baby bunny. The tiny rabbits cuddled Kutty Thangam and kutty Thangam felt the touch of Rabbit fur and sensed how soft it is... Like the baby’s soft skin.

The baby got excited and offered the colorful orange carrot. The baby, the black and white bunny were so happy, and they played together.

The two bunny rabbits were so stunned by Kutty Thangam intelligence, content and kindness. When asked about the secret, the baby proudly said, my mother used to take care of me from the time I was inside her womb.

My mommy was always happy, read positive books, took care of her diet and kept doing exercise. She was so glad that she found Happy Motherhood! Even my daddy was so supportive and used to sing songs for me. I used to sleep peacefully listening to my daddy's song and mommy's voice.

The kutty bunnies evidently saw how a parents can deliver a happy and healthy baby. The two baby bunnies got disappointed as their mommy Dam and the other animals don’t have Happy Motherhood.

Kutty Thangam thought for a while and promised the bunnies that when grown up, would study about Ethology and will start pregnancy class for expecting animals. The two tiny little Rabbit got delighted.

Years later, after Kutty Thangam and the rabbit grew up, they researched and came up with an innovative training for all the expecting animals.

2050, The world become so peaceful with all healthy, brilliant, positive human and animal kingdom.

Moral of the story :

 Happy Pregnancy =  Happy and healthy baby 
 Healthy Baby = Healthy Future  

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