Tuesday, April 19, 2022

Empowering Women 2.0: Balancing Career and Motherhood - How to Make a Comeback

Being an ambitious woman, taking a new role of mother and a maternity break was dead scary. Because my friends constantly complained that it would be difficult to commit to career after a child and there will be an impact to the career growth. But the maternity break made me realize, how women are blessed to take a break from career and to look after baby.

When I returned to work after my break, I was unprepared for the overwhelming experience that awaited me. It was March 2020, and everyone was struggling to adapt to the "new normal" brought by the pandemic. On top of that, I had to navigate the new challenge of balancing my job, caring for a newborn, and taking care of household responsibilities. Cooking, which was completely new to me, became a part of my "new normal."

The client had high expectations for the equally challenging project, which required the delivery of a new automation tool. Along with the new team members and client, there were also new skills to learn and weekend demands to manage. This made it feel like a completely new job, and it was difficult to balance work and motherhood. There were nights where I stayed up to comfort my crying son, making the challenge even more trying.

Despite this, I made the decision to accept my circumstances gracefully, much like a cocoon that fights to transform into a butterfly. I thought of ways to succeed both personally and professionally, and started by discussing my limitations with my partner. I created a plan to manage my time efficiently by completing all household chores and cooking for the day before 10:00AM. I also listened to automation videos while completing these tasks, effectively multitasking. With this approach, I was able to concentrate fully on my office work during the day and sometimes compensated by working on weekends.

Through my journey, I have learned some valuable lessons:

Firstly, planning is crucial. Taking the time to plan your day and upcoming week can be incredibly powerful. Don't underestimate your ability to overcome challenges. Instead, focus on how to handle the current situation and think of ways to overcome any obstacles.

Secondly, being a working mom is tough. However, it's equally important to remind ourselves how lucky we are to have this opportunity. When I focused on gratitude, it had a positive effect on my life.

Thirdly, when life gets tough, our minds may instruct us to quit. But leaving a job and staying at home can be just as hard. Yes, it's a challenging road, but the struggle is worth it.

Lastly, taking just 10 minutes for yourself can do wonders. Don't forget to prioritize "me-time" and take care of your own well-being.


  1. Much needed for all returning mothers sis.
    Expecting you to share your experience on how you handle on day to day basis.. What keeps you grounded when the day is more than demanding.