Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Write your own Tribute

Write your own Tribute

I was reading the book, "You Can Be Happy" by Daniel Freeman & Jason Freeman and in
the chapter, "WRITE YOUR OWN TRIBUTE" the author prompts a sensible question, "Imagine that you are coming to the end of your life. What would you like to have achieved? How would you wish to be remembered?"

My curiosity arose and it did not stop me from asking few of my friends.  Here are the amazing answers given by my friends.

Nachi, A Blogger 
Same way as Charles Dickens.

Drupa -
I would like to be remembered as someone who dared to dream, and also managed to achieve his dream.....I don't want to be remembered as a loser who dared to dream....I am scared of that.....

As what I was. Straight forward and caring person. Someone whom they try to
reach when they are in terrible days (And I completely agree with Ramya, she is a person whom we can knock her door at 3.00 in the midnight and scream out our problems :P ) 

Ashay, Organizer, Bangalore Hikers
Never Imagine.

Karthik Doss(Actor,Director and Cinematographer)
A good father, good husband, good son and a good friend. Simple!!

Viji Akka :
Organ donation.. I don't think anybody would remember you for life, for whatever u may!!! But definitely, they would remember me by my organs.

Rahini, Student
I'll want people to talk about me as someone very courageous caring loyal lovable and loved life to the fullest

I've had Lotz of bad experiences in my life yaaar which was fault of others, in-spite of being honest. I want them to remember on my honesty & sincerity

Saranya, Mother of a Beautiful Kid
I would like to be remembered as a good human being by others not by the money I am having or resources I am having....I want to be remember as Saranya....that’s it da. I want to get good name to my parents and i should get good education, good job, limited money at last and least peaceful life

Santhosh, Software Techie
I would not want to remember me by all people. Rather I would like to remember by the people who are close to me at least and achievement is something which is not quantifiable, so my achievement would be winning a permanent place at people heart who is close to me.

Deepa, Lecturer, Oxford Engineering College
I want people to remember as a girl who was there when they needed or as a normal girl who is down to earth. Just want people around me to be happy. That's all

My Little brother Vignesh:
I will donate my organs

And finally here is my answer.

An optimistic, charming and a loving daughter.  Always smiling and a person whom we would love to be around.

Monday, December 1, 2014

Why Bigger is better for Indian Aviation

Lufthansa A380 - The largest commercial aircraft in history is flying to Delhi!!! 
Like every one, I am a proud Indian to welcome the Lufthansa A380 with the launch of daily flights on the Delhi - Frankfurt route. I wish Lufthansa a great success and whole heartedly wish for its bigger growth and success in India.
“Why Bigger is better for Indian Aviation?”  A rapid question trigged in my mind and here are my views.

  1. More Employment opportunities
  2. Reduce pollution/Fuel Usage
  3. Reduce Road Accidents: 
  4. Fastest mode of Transportation 
  5. Travel Conveniently
  6. Best way while travelling with Babies

  • More Employment opportunities: 

When I was a kid, I always dreamed about becoming Air Hostess. I have seen Air Hostess always with a noble English proficiency, positive attitude and a lovely personality. The basic qualification of Air Hostess also demanded sense of accountability and interactive skills. Since the job demanded such an amusing talent and train them towards it, I always loved to be trained for such a good human nature.
On the other hand, my younger brother Kavin loves to work with air-line technology, research on maps and 3D visual displays.  All these challenges were a package in Pilot profession and he was passionate to become pilot.
But till 2013, there were only 371 flights in India and the vacancy to the post for Pilot or Air Hostess was very nominal.
There were lots of doctors, teachers, lawyers, Software profession in each and every house. But Pilots, Stewards are very low. In order to increase number of Pilots and Stewards in India, Lufthansa should play a vital role in bringing more number of A380 flights and contribute a lot for a bigger Indian Aviation.

  • Reduce pollution/Fuel Usage:

With the growth of population every day, the usage of cars, Bus, 2-wheelers and the consumption of fuel, gas and diesel is increasing day by day resulting in producing excess of carbon monoxide and nitrogen oxide in atmosphere. Over twenty percent of the global warming is caused due to the vehicle pollution. We can’t avoid the usage of vehicles, but can significantly decrease by introducing more number of A380 Passengers flights and encouraging people to use flights more.

  • Reduce Road Accidents: 

About 16 people die and 58 are injured every hour in India due to road accidents and India has the highest number of road accidents in the world. The best way to reduce accidents is to introduce more passenger airlines and encourage people to prefer flights when travelling from city to city.
 A380 - the world's largest passenger airliner has 98 Business Class seats and 98 Economy Class seats with personal televisions and 420 seats on the main deck. Lufthansa also offers flights at low fares and very cheap last minute offers. So Lufthansa needs to launch non-stop A380 flights to and from major cities and inspire citizens to reduce usage of personal vehicle and opt for flights.

  • Fastest mode of Transportation 

In the movie "Enthiran(Tamil) Robo in Telugu and Robot in Hindi, the Robo will scan and read all the magazines, Telephone Directory book in a fraction of second. As a normal person we would have imagined how good it would be, if we are capable of reading or doing a task in very minimal time. To some extent, it’s possible; Yes Lufthansa A380 makes it possible.
For example, Bangalore to Coimbatore is 364 km, which would probably take 8 hours of journey in car or bus. But in flight, you can reach the destination in less than 45 minutes.

  • Travel Conveniently: 

With its first class look and elegant feel, as a passenger the convenient method would be flight. The first class technology and its amazing interiors make us feel like travel in a heaven. More than all, we get a chance to skip waiting in bored traffic signals, avoid hearing the horrifying horn sounds and nasty pollution.

  • Best way while travelling with Babies: 

Any mother would say the challenges faced when they have a baby during their travel. Kids get maddened sitting in a same place for so long and they end up screaming and crying.  But the truth is “Baby loves travelling”. It’s in our hands, to make them comfort, in order to make them enjoy the journey. Special baby beds are available for infants in Lufthansa flights.  They in fact have video games specially designed for babies. The Bassinets facility and also less travel time would make baby enjoy the journey like an angel.

This post is written as a part of "Lufthansa A380 – The dawn of a new era" #LufthansaA380 contest in association with Indiblogger