Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Write your own Tribute

Write your own Tribute

I was reading the book, "You Can Be Happy" by Daniel Freeman & Jason Freeman and in
the chapter, "WRITE YOUR OWN TRIBUTE" the author prompts a sensible question, "Imagine that you are coming to the end of your life. What would you like to have achieved? How would you wish to be remembered?"

My curiosity arose and it did not stop me from asking few of my friends.  Here are the amazing answers given by my friends.

Nachi, A Blogger 
Same way as Charles Dickens.

Drupa -
I would like to be remembered as someone who dared to dream, and also managed to achieve his dream.....I don't want to be remembered as a loser who dared to dream....I am scared of that.....

As what I was. Straight forward and caring person. Someone whom they try to
reach when they are in terrible days (And I completely agree with Ramya, she is a person whom we can knock her door at 3.00 in the midnight and scream out our problems :P ) 

Ashay, Organizer, Bangalore Hikers
Never Imagine.

Karthik Doss(Actor,Director and Cinematographer)
A good father, good husband, good son and a good friend. Simple!!

Viji Akka :
Organ donation.. I don't think anybody would remember you for life, for whatever u may!!! But definitely, they would remember me by my organs.

Rahini, Student
I'll want people to talk about me as someone very courageous caring loyal lovable and loved life to the fullest

I've had Lotz of bad experiences in my life yaaar which was fault of others, in-spite of being honest. I want them to remember on my honesty & sincerity

Saranya, Mother of a Beautiful Kid
I would like to be remembered as a good human being by others not by the money I am having or resources I am having....I want to be remember as Saranya....that’s it da. I want to get good name to my parents and i should get good education, good job, limited money at last and least peaceful life

Santhosh, Software Techie
I would not want to remember me by all people. Rather I would like to remember by the people who are close to me at least and achievement is something which is not quantifiable, so my achievement would be winning a permanent place at people heart who is close to me.

Deepa, Lecturer, Oxford Engineering College
I want people to remember as a girl who was there when they needed or as a normal girl who is down to earth. Just want people around me to be happy. That's all

My Little brother Vignesh:
I will donate my organs

And finally here is my answer.

An optimistic, charming and a loving daughter.  Always smiling and a person whom we would love to be around.

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