Tuesday, August 2, 2011

My Team Nick Names and Tag lines

     We have a project Expo coming this Month. I thought of introducing my team members to viewers with a Humpty dumpty nick name and tag line instead of standard He is Mr. X and she is Ms. Y stuff.
Here came up some funny witty names description for my team mates...

Silpa: (Office Book)
NDB folks will trigger the answer for the "Number of Tables" in NDB. But unable to answer the “Number of friends” she has in UHG especially from Fresher’s batch.

Yeraballi S(Question Bank)
Not Just an SME for 5 modules, also an Expert in 5 Languages. But none can trace out which languages he speaks out.

Kiran K: ( Snacky Wacky)
Managers Expects NDB Daily testing report at 4.45PM. HYD QCA Teams Expects snacks from him at 4.45.

Thumma S; (Picasso of NDB)
Picasso can paint only on Canvas, but Thumma can paint on any application (MS Package)

Nag (Lefty)
Very good cricket player. Once he was playing cricket in the monsoons and Rain was cancelled due to the Match.

Deepika (Hider)
Finding defect? Go to QC.
Missing something? Go to Deepika.

Rati - (Ms Good Morning)
A day begins with a sunrise, for her friends it beings with her “Good Morning” Mails.

Mahesh: (Big Boss)
Climbing Mount Everest is much easier than making him get angry.

Babji (Clean & Green)
Babji has 2 Phases. Life before wedding (LBW) and Life after wedding (LAW)

Pratyusha, ( Info trainer)
Even If ICD 10 is not able to give the full description of a particular disease, she can give complete description about ALL restaurants, entertainments in Hyderabad.

Bhavya(NDB Idol)
She has to be an Indian Idol, as of now she is Idle.

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  1. describing individuals is more interesting that what you narrated..You are proven that you are good in humor writing