Wednesday, August 31, 2011

To My Sweet and Caring Team :)

Hello Team (I would rather like to address My Family),

This is my toughest moment in my life to say Bye Bye to all of you!!! I know, I may not be leaving completely, but I could sense that I am going away from you :(

It may be a short span of one Year, but More than my first job which I stayed for 3 years I Had a very good bonding with each one of you

I really feel lucky to have such a wonderful Caring team :) :) and at the same time I feel myself as unlucky for not having the chance to continue with you all...... :( :(

If I have hurt anyone at any case because of my mood swings, or hurt you by teasing please please forgive me. I can swear that its not from my heart ( Nenu chinna papanu, vadhilipettandi)
And don’t forget me at any case :) :)

Also, Thanks a lot for such a wonderful party @ Inorbit Mall on Friday


  1. imtiaz: I Cant comment on this as ur leaving.:(

  2. Nenu chinna papanu: Yes I always compare U with my kid. I strongly feel that my daughter will definetly do more than U. she is also too active, too smart in expressions, too noughty, talkative,creative, quickly wetted :( . Most of the time I recall U when she do all this..