Sunday, May 5, 2013

Trekking Experience - Shivagange

What does people do on a typical Sunday????
Lazy people love to snooze. . .
Normal people love to devote time with their family...
Workaholics- love to spend at office. . .
And Crazy folks…I mean extra ordinary people. . . love to spend on a long arduous journey...
Where do I Fit in the above puzzle!?
Extra ordinary people category!?
Yup, This Sunday was my first, Fun filled, memorable expedition with 14 people of BTC. After my Palamalai(a small hill in Coimbatore) which I went with my NSS gang before 5 years, this was my second trek.
Trekking at summer!?
Yup, as I said, we are crazy people who does different things and hence we opted to trek Shivaganga hills (56kms from Bangalore) which is above 1368m above sea level on a sunny summer Sunday.
We were communicated to be in Majestic at 6.30 PM. Since, the BTC members is otherwise called perfectionist,  we all gathered at 6.45 and boarded the bus to Dobbasapete. We got down at Dobbasapete and had breakfast. A big idly, with spicy chutney. After packing our lunch, we took an auto to reach the foot hillls of Shivaganga. After clicking the snaps in front of the foot hills, we started to trek exactly at 8:49am.

  • Olakallu Theertha -

At first, we reached Olakallu Theertha - Shiva temple a holy spring water inside the rock - It is believed that, on putting your hands into the rock, and if you are able to touch the water, your wish will be fulfilled. The entry fees was Rs. 10, since I was a special guest, I did not take the tickets ;).
By the time, I made up mind to visit temple and removed the shoes, the ticket counter guy escaped somewhere, and i dint take the tickets.

  • Nandi on the boulder:

Best Part

  • Lemon juice- Mixed with Pepper, salt, sugar
  • Butter Milk – Mixed with lemon, salt, coriander, chilly, Manago and carrot

Challenges :
The hill is quite steep either with big steps or small cravings. Though the railings are there to hold on, you find it quite challenging to climb.
After Harish repeated dialogue “don’t take break dude” whenever we take breaks, we reached the top of the hills by 11:30am and started descending by 1:10pm reached base by 3:30pm
And, thanks to Elections, morning while we are on the way to Shivaganga we saw people had been sitting on the top of the buses. We were not exicted to travel the same way.
But While coming, the buses were rush and we just checked out our luck, whether we can board on the top of the bus.
The guy agreed, and we sat on the top of the bus and traveled.  I must say, it was an mixed experience of horse ride, when it was going on humps and scary when crossing the electric wire.

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