Sunday, May 19, 2013

Namma City Namma Run - TCS World 10K run 2013

My 3rd Marathon/2nd World TCS 10K run experience. . .
A record 23,000 people are participating in the run. Among the 7 different categories, including World 10K, The Nation’s Challenge, Open 10K, 10K Challenge, Majja Run, Senior Citizens’ Run and Champions with Disability, I participated in Majja Run this time. Because, from my company I had only this option to opt for.

This is my third Marathon. First being TCS World 10K run 2012, second Pinkathon 2013 and TCS World 10K run 2013 (Majja Run)
I really enjoyed the run (Okay cool. . Jog, Walk, stroll). Because this time, I was able to run energetically from the beginning till finish of the run. I guess it’s due to the experience of previous 2 runs.

What a special care and attention we received from our corporate security team. It was an excellent arrangement by our teams. My company is well known for the employee welfare and when it comes to corporate run, they do take extra care. Since it was raining yesterday, they provided us ponchos for rain for a safety measure and our team were there at end to greet us with excellent snacks.. The periodical check they took on the welfare of the employees really gave us a nice feel.

Thanks to all my colleague who made this a run a fantastic one . . .

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  1. Nice narration. I never aware all these are happening in fidelity .I should come out of coding life

  2. Congratulations for completing it successfully :)

  3. Congratulations on successful completion ;)