Thursday, September 12, 2013

Testimonials for Touch of Mist

Testimonials for Touch of Mist

'A remarkable piece of work from a young author'

-Arjun Deep Singh Pahwa, Author of The Love, Hate and All That

Beautiful narration and presentation...
colloquial conversations gives the narrative a realistic touch,
in a nut shell, your book is definitely going to strike a chord...
                                               Prasanta Mahanta, Author of Love-not out-Peace 

Deeply moving and highly engaging story which entertains and makes you think at same time.

                                   - Arpit Vageria Author of Chockolate Sauce: Smooth Dark Sinful

An unconventional and pacing love story! A soiree of the readers with the book is certain.

Mehek Bassi Author of Chained

There's something so strikingly honest about this story of love, that the characters will - slowly, but surely - walk straight into your heart. The strong emotional undercurrent only adds to the charm. It's lucid, it's colourful, it's heart-warming, and even with the dark themes that run through it, it's ultimately hopeful and uplifting

There is an inherent mystique in the story that the author has created that might well appeal to the intellectual YA market exactly as you've written it, including all the colors and icons you used in your narrative, all of which are vehemently eschewed by traditionalists.  But I GONNA QUIT isn't traditional in any way, and for this reason I found it rather remarkable.
To put this in more specific terms, for me, your opening was a stream-of-conscious experience no different from the first time I read Joyce or Faulkner.  Now I'm not at all implying your writing is at that level, but it gave me the same "feeling" as I read through the narrative. 
With respect to your protagonist, Reene has an honest vulnerability that a great many YA readers might empathize with.  Most everyone has had a bad relationship, not so much so that each of us would want to kill ourselves, but certainly we've all felt really bad about something that went sour with someone we really cared about.  The raw emotion of this heartbreak is what I took from your opening.

-Robert L. (Rob) Bacon, Founder

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