Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Upgrade your Car with Quikr NXT

Upgrade your Car with Quikr NXT

This post is purely fictional
I am damn crazy about cars. One of the items in my bucket list is to drive all the cars that are in the world before I die. Of course it’s a realistic wish that could be easily achieved. I could visit all car showrooms and take a test drive. But my pleasure was not in driving all the cars once or taking a test drive. My wish is to own all the cars and explore them. The happiness that I get when I own the car is much more than I take a test drive for just 10 KMS or so. I longed to exchange my car every 6 month.

My idea was simple, Sell my existing car and buy a new one. But practically it’s not possible. May be possible, but it comes with a huge cost.

When you take the car to the showroom and ask for an exchange price, your blood gets boiled when you see the price they quote for the car.  Requesting help from Dealers for exchange is also not a good idea. They simply take a lot of commission charge. So, going to showroom or contacting dealers is a poor idea. The best way is to sell the car yourself to some private party and buy a new one. In order to do this, you need lots of contacts and network. Here comes Quikr NXT which offers a perfect solution for all. Quikr NXT is the best way to trade the car with most profit as well as buy the car of our favorite choice.

Also, Owing a BMW 7 Series car is my dream and when I found that the Starting price of BWM 7 series itself is 1.07 crores(*) and a conditions apply mark next to it. After that, I never dreamed of owning BWM cars.
Img Source - Quikr NXT
One day when I was browsing the cars category in Quikr NXT I was surprised to see Jaguar, BWM, Land Rover, and Porsche cars listed in the Brand Name section. My curiosity roared and when I checked the price of BWM the was just Luxury BMW 7 series was sold at Rs. 15,00,000 only. That too with special VIP number.  Now, I am planning to re-visit my bucket list and modify it. Yeah, since I will be getting cars in cheap and affordable prices I can buy own 5 cars and use each one every day.  Monday BWM, Tuesday Jaguar and so on.

The Quikr NXT is very much useful during re-locating. When I first got my job transferred from Hyderabad to Bangalore I faced lot of difficulties in getting the car registration transferred to Karnataka state from Andra Pradesh state. Getting no objection certification from Hyderabad RTO officer was hectic and sluggish. Though I had all the mandatory documents and the insurance was renewed on time, I had to wait for 10 days. Luckily my colleague at Hyderabad asked my car for a good price and I sold to him in Andra Pradesh itself. Then I brought a latest, updated car at Bangalore. Quikr NXT will be very much helpful during those times.

This post is written as a part of Upgrade your Car with Quikr NXT! contest organized by Indiblogger in association with Quikr NXT!


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