Thursday, January 9, 2014

Do not eat fruits after a Meal

Can we eat fruit after a meal? If you browse google, you get 1000 of results, which says "Its okay to eat fruits" and other 1000 results say, "Its not advisable to eat fruits after meal"
Here is the accurate answer from medical team.

• This is true that one should not eat fruits after meals as fruits contain simple sugars that are easily digested and take less than half an hour to digest. Other foods which contain starch, protein and fats take a longer time to be digested and will stay in our stomachs for a longer period of time. So, if we eat fruits after our meals, the fruits will be mixed together with what we have previously eaten. This causes the fruits to ferment and even rot as they wait to be digested together with other food. Hence, causes acidity & bloating.

• Best time to consume fruits is between breakfast & lunch i.e., mid-day or in evening time as a snack option.

• All fruits especially banana, jackfruit & mango should be consumed in fewer quantities as they add extra calories when eaten immediately after meals.

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  1. Fruit is the food that I love the most as long as it's ripe and delicious and my day start with fruit or fruit shake.

    Thanks, the piece of information you provided proved to be very helpful and is something really useful for me to know.