Friday, January 17, 2014

Preeti Shenoy - Book Launch of The one you cannot have

Book Launch of "The one you cannot have" by Preeti Shenoy 


  1. I finished this one fast . It is a good novel which gives a magnified view of the so called breakups in love and how going through one is easier said than done. The ending's particularly good and sends home a message.

  2. TOUCH is a beautiful love story . Truly Motivational and helps you to deal with life challenges specially Break up’s . Story revolves around four people Shruti, Rishabh, Aman and Anjali .

    Shruti and Aman were in love and they fall apart as destiny had something else stored for them . Shruti gets married to Rishabh and Aman took almost 2 years to heal and later Anjali comes in Aman life as good friend . All four characters go through lots of emotional upswings moments . Like Love & friendship : Stable marriage problem’s , Dream and carrier , friendship & commitment .

    Feeling and Description of each character and place is beautifully portrayed by Preeti . She has presented the emotion of working women juggling with work and home for shruti .
    A corporate employee who deals with project deadline, office stress perfectly goes with Aman character .

    Anjali cribbing to get Aman is truly heart touching .

    Rishabh reacting as furious husband and no control over mind is also well portrayed

    This story tells you the reaction of each and every character and as a reader you feel connected to their emotions .

    Description of all the location is very accurate and you feel as if you already visited the place’s. Life style of UK and India is very well compared .Cheers for Preeti’s humor as she right connects with readers mind.

    This book teaches how to get over the screwed mind . After reading this book, it is apparent why couples in India gets separated because of orthodox parent thinking and also where the younger generation stands in terms of relationships and love marriage.

    This reading brings me deeper insight and understanding . My relationship to life has changed with your brave words or the way Aman sees his life later.
    This book has open my thoughts and heart and I started feeling everything happens in for something good . We should respect the time we spent with one we cannot have .

    Only issue is I want to read about Anjali and Aman Friday date more as stories goes directly to epilogue once Aman proposed to Anjali …

    Overall, this was an entertaining, light read. Perfect plot for Bollywood movie . Perfect narration of each character and feeling .

    All readers are going to enjoy it !!

  3. Hello Book lovers,

    First of all, I would like to say SUPERB to the author for this wonderful piece of relationship-guide-like book. There are very true moments that will tell a lot about relationships that you can and cannot have. Life is too preachy and we find it difficult to learn; however it must be done if you want to live the life the way you want. And the book shows and tells that thing.

    Preeti Shenoy; Hats off to you; The author had mastered the Men's mind as the book tells what men thinks and what men actually do. Its tells the inner thoughts of every single men out there. A must read for people who love to see the world with a different view.