Thursday, January 2, 2014

Bangalore Trekking Club - Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday to Bangalore Trekking Club 
"Can I ask you something," He shrugged.
This kind of question from a guy makes girl's mind swirl around lot of guesses♥ and imaginations. ♥♥♥
"Y....ea...h. Please go ahead," I said with a gleam of excitement glittering in my ♥♥ eyes.
"Well. Why do you trek!?"
"Ahh!?," I exhaled with dismay and replied him, "Well.. To keep me fit"
"Come-on. You are already fit" That one compliment took my heels to heaven.
He snapped and said, "Weekends are meant to take rest and partieeeee!!! Don't you really feel bored to wake up at 5 (sometimes even before) on a Sunday and go for a strenuous activity?"
Well that question really made me to think and even understand the view of people who don’t wish to accelerate their body.

Why do people do trekking? 
Below are my own thoughts and experiences.

To keep fit:

Trekking burns lot of calories. Someone complained, "I do trekking from past 1 month, but not a single pound lost". Well, eating lots of junk foods will neutralize your physical activity. Avoid eating Junk foods during trekking and replace it with healthy fruits. Definitely, trekking on a long run keeps you strong and fit. Observe the passionate trekker figure and fitness.

Rejuvenates the Mind and body:
After 5 days of stressful work, people tend to think taking “Rest and party are the best way to recharge their batteries.”

"Rejuvenate Yourself! This Winters!! Pay Just Rs.2500 for a body message and pamper yourself," I can’t assure whether those beauty parlor advertisement can rejuvenate. But trekking definitely boosts you to the core and keeps you recharged for complete week.

Forget worries:

Most of the articles on love failure in google will suggest "ENGAGE YOURSELF.” But the best way to indulge is TREKKING. You fall in love with nature and all your worries, daily stresses just melt away

Explore the Natural Beauty and learn the history:

Get a chance to explore the untouched treasures of nature. You tend to google about the place and enhance a lot about the place, if-not; one of the co-trekker would tell the history behind it.

Bazillion Photos in Facebook:

Photography has become ubiquitous and photography lovers opt trek to capture the nature. Their clicks never take the excuse, “not a good one”. And of course it’s the best souvenir and always treasures us about the exciting voyage!

P.S: Itching them to capture you more is in your hands :P

These cherished moments might have not been captured in my life without Bangalore trekking club. I would like to thank and congratulate Bangalore trekking club which is celebrating the first anniversary and its massive success. I also thank the Founder Virander, Co-founder Chaitanya Kumar, Organizers Meghraj, Ajita, Anthony, Sangamesh, Channa, Santosh, Abhishek, Kirubadevi, Sushma, Deepthy for taking pain in planning the events and my co-trekkers who helped a lot to come out of my downtime, made me smile, caused stomach ache by making me laugh, Narrate the ambiance in my novel :P, gifting a bunch of good friends who cares and value a lot, strengthened my faith, giving new direction to life, sharing the foods, sharing goggles exclusive for photos… much more

Non-trekkers are now excited about trekking!? How, where, what to do? For those who live in Namma Banglore, Bangalore trekking club is a good option.
When I was a first came across Bangalore trekking club (BTC), many questions popped up!? And my fellow trekkers also said they had the same questions in mind.
I tried to answer few of the repetitive amateur questions that you may be hesitate to ask

If it safe for girls? This is the first question that got in my crazy mind.

I still remember when one of my friend took knife with her during her first night trek :P
Its absolute 100% safe. "No smoking and No alcohol". Their goal is to ensure that all the trekking enthusiasts feel safe and explore the nature. They are youthful and energetic team.

I am humpty dumpty. I never walked even for 1 kms in my life, Will I be able to trek?

Check out the trekking difficult level. - Very easy, easy, moderate and difficult. Just give out a try by choosing Easy mode and give it a try. “The expert in anything was once a beginner.” My personal opinion, it does not matter with the difficult level, people who come for trekking are very constructive and supportive. They will help you, guide you and motivate you. All you need is “I can do it” attitude.

I always had an aversion towards the people at managing level. Principal at school, Manager @ work and oh no!! Again organizers at Trekking!?

BTC organizers are so friendly, down to earth and very open. Have you seen any organizer helping in removing the leeches around your legs by their hand and applying Dettol to leg? They care and do! Have you seen at least in movies any organizer carry your bags along with their bag to the hill top, in case if you are not able to!? They carry and help you!

I don’t have that much money to spend for those leisure activities?

It’s not an expensive one. For one day trekking, it hardly cost you Rs.250-500 and it’s not a big deal when compared visiting a mall and purchasing a dress!! Remember you are investing this for your health and nature!!!

People will be coming with their own SET OF friends, I will be isolated in the entire trekking, If I enroll all alone :(
Of course they are strangers for initial 5 minutes. But the next moment, you hang out like BEST-BUDDIES-FROM-BIRTH. And yes, they do come with friends. But you will be surprised to hear that the friendship was built only in trekking.

Trekking with strangers? Oh no, people may be of personality traits - rebellious, arrogant, ego-centric.
People who come for trek are a bunch of candid, affectionate, flexible and enthusiastic. To till date, I never met anyone who showed an attitude, or with negative mind.

The unique experience you get every time won’t be gathered anywhere. So get ready to derive happiness from trekking and you will realize that trekking has changed your everyday experience.

The very basic core of a man's living spirit is his passion for adventure. The joy of life comes from our encounters with new experiences - Chris McCandless

It’s time to trek and become a slave to nature!

Did I miss out any questions or experience you gathered during trekking?! Please do mention in comment, I would love to add it


  1. Good one, especially to be read by first timers or people wanting to trek

  2. Nicely written... and worthy for the first time trekkers or for those who wants to join trekking but afraid of many such valid questions. Author has written good descriptive answers, at the same time keeping it short and interesting.

  3. Many happy returns to the Bangalore trekking. The experiences that you shared. A lot of these questions come in the minds of people who do wish to start trekking.

    In fact we the techies along with other professionals who work in a closed environment mostly in front of their laptops and computers, generally develop a lot of health and mental issues. Not so far in history people have started spending huge time in closed environments.

    Trekking is one of the ways to Rejouvinate your senses and to tell your subconscious that you are hunting gathering so you are going to get your food. This leads to have a sound mind and a sound health.

    I have this list with me which describes about the various trekking places arround Bangalore for you to consider.