Sunday, March 15, 2015

The Power of Being #together

The Power of Being #together

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Do I need to mention that Steve Jobs is an inspiration and loved by everyone? It was in 2013, the movie Jobs (A movie about Steve Jobs)  was released. My friend Abitha and I decided to watch the movie on the first show of the first day. But unfortunately we did not get tickets on the first day. So, we decided to watch the movie on a weekend. In Bangalore, the movie was released only in few countable theatre. To my bad luck, it was not released in the theatre that was near to our home. I deadly wanted to watch that movie to get inspired and also I am a big fan of Steve jobs. After all, I get goose bumps when I read his quotes and read his life history. Watching his life in big screen would definitely make me crazy. Who knows in future I may start a Software and Hardware industry like Apple Inc and may become as famous as Steve. If Steve is for Apple, Deepika is for Strawberry. Okay, Jobs apart.

So for the above reasons, I cant miss the movie. Even though we need to travel 15 KMS from my home, I convinced my friend Abitha and booked a show at 6.00 PM. All went well. I still remember, to watch his movie I took 3 hours to get ready and wore a new dress. We zoomed our vehicle to the theatre and reached ahead i.e 5.15 P.M

Abitha suggested to have some food in KFC to kill the time, but I said I can watch “Jobs” poster for 45 minutes. She really got pissed off and took me to KFC. Sharp at 5.45 we went to the counter to collect the ticket. To our dismay, the movie show was cancelled and they are ready to refund the ticket. Abitha tried to check for the alternative. She suggested me to watch the other movie which was running in the theatre and we had one.  was Chennai Express. I was already upset for not watching my favorite Steve Jobs movie. But Abitha was upset as we travelled 15 KMS and don’t want to return back without watching any movie. Finally we decided to watch Chennai Express movie. When we went to the counter and checked about it, he said the movie has started at 5.30. Then we decided not to watch any movie and zoomed to our home. We both were upset to the core.

On the way to home, it started to rain heavily. We stopped our vehicle and we were wet already. There were few kids playing football in that rain. Without giving a second thought, we got into rain and started playing with the kids. The kids’ enthusiasm changed our mood. We played until the rain stopped. At that point of time, I realized that life may gift us with the things which we don’t love or not provide with the things we want. But, soon we need to come out of that sad state, look up the world with a positive spirit and keep us motivated. Of course, I missed watching my Steve's movie. But my day was filled with playing kids in rain which is still an unforgettable moment in my life.

The power of being #together with the kids gave me strength and motivation.

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